PlayStation Home Celebrates 2nd Anniversary, Adds Games

Sony today reminded the world that its PlayStation Home service on PS3 is now two years old. It's grown to 17 million users worldwide since launching back in December 2008, and the virtual world has also evolved to offer a wider variety of experiences and games.

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Godmars2902924d ago

What happened to the steampunk game? Though I am wondering how the cyberpunk one is going to work. If its going to require co-op.

lodossrage2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

Just remember failures don't gain 17 million users in 2 years.

Failures also don't continue to gain support from both well known and unknown/ upcoming developers.

And failures don't make money

All of which are things HOME are doing btw

Ok, now with that said, whine all you want :)

FunAndGun2924d ago

Not saying you are wrong at all, but it would be very interesting to see how many of those 17 million users have logged on more than 3 hours into Home.

lodossrage2923d ago

I believe that was surveyed by Sony awhile ago (can't remember the exact blog post on their website) But yeah, the average person goes on HOME for about an hour a day as they said