Head for the Depot, Premium 360s will be available for $299

A leaked ad-scan shows a sale for the Xbox 360 Premium from Office Depot. Only $299, now may be a good time to "jump in" if you haven't already.

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monkey6024118d ago

Euro's and Dollars are roughly the same so if I could find a 360 for under 300euro I'd get it in the morning.

heavymetal3k4118d ago

Lol not really, the dollar is losing value, its almost half the value of the euro right now.

monkey6024118d ago (Edited 4118d ago )

Well thats just better again then isnt it?

EDIT: I just checked it for myself and 299.99 Us dollars equal 217.83euro. the dollar isnt worth as much as I thought then.

nasim4118d ago

299$ but 50$ mail in rebates

means you have to pay 350$ but 50$ would be in rebate

However this will attarct old xbox consumers cuz no ps2 /gc owner would ever purchase an x360

monkey6024118d ago

Hey Nasim rethink that statement because I own a GameCube, a PS2 and hated the original xbox so never got one. I still own those two consoles along with a PS3 and a Wii. So my point is that I would buy a 360 for a few of the games I want on it that I cant get on any other console. So did you really mean "no ps2 /gc owner would ever purchase an x360" or was it I would never buy a 360 because I'm a fanboy moron you where saying

kooplar4118d ago

I owned a ps2-gc, i alwasy thoght xbox sucked, but this time around, its the best machine with the best games.

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jackdoe4118d ago

Maybe they're clearing out their old stock of Falconless, Hdmi less 360s. If not, that is a good deal.

jackdoe4118d ago

Lol. Got a disagree. Don't really see where I can get disagreed upon.

Meus Renaissance4118d ago

Is where the value would be :) Come on..

Nuclear Death4118d ago (Edited 4118d ago )

towels and repair cheques not included. $149.99usd would be a decent deal.

MasterChief28294118d ago

Umm dude, for 3 years after your purchase you get free repairs. And those who have paid previously have received their money back from Microsoft now.

sak5004118d ago

@nucleardeath "$149.99usd would be a decent deal. "

That's the price i'm willing to play for gameless bluray player called ps3. I'm glad I own a 360 for last 1 1/2 years and the enjoyment it has given me. Good now more people can buy and enjoy real next gen, high quality games.

Happy buying.

fjtorres4117d ago (Edited 4117d ago )

A good BD player should cost about as much as an HD-DVD player, which is about $249, street. Admittedly, the standalone player comes with HD cables and a nice infrared remote, which isn't even an option on the PS3, but you can't ding them $100 for *that*. (A good remote can be had for $20, after all.)

Say $229, instead and most folks would agree its fair value.

(At least until the $149 standalone HD-DVD player ships, next month, anyway.)


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gamermoney19854118d ago (Edited 4118d ago )

u know what i think when microsoft finally release the 360 with the65nm
processor they are going to see a huge jump in sales, because most of the people who i talk to who haven't jumped in yet say thats all there waiting on. now imagine what sales would look like with another price drop u wouldn't be able to find one.

monkey6024118d ago

I'm just waiting for a version of the 360 that i know works the way it should because the failure rates even with a 3 year warranty dont sit well with me

pacman6154118d ago

you know what i think , most consumers dont know what the 65nm processors are and do for them, only small niche of techies do

ukilnme4118d ago

I want to know for sure that I have a reliable system as well. I am trying to wait on the new hardware but some of the games are making it hard to continue my 360 holdout.

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