Top Five Console Boot Sequences (RunDLC)

Much like cars, console owners want to feel good about their system of choice, so it’s up to the publisher as well as the marketing team to instill plenty of good vibes. This comes in the form of ads, a stellar lineup of games and to an extent, boot sequences. These simple animations go a long way to giving a machine much needed personality, while reassuring the buyer that he or she chose the most powerful and perhaps elegantly designed device on the market.

As expected, some are better than others (sorry GameCube), so we set out to list the five greatest of all time.

John Artest (RunDLC)

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SMOK3xFFx2924d ago

It's sorta a weird thing but just the noises of those boots bring a nostalgic feeling.

Iramo2924d ago

since so many people have had and still are having good times with all these great consoles It's not that weird

darthv722924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

the playstation ones just seem so plain. Sega's "MEGA" cd...there was a cool start up. Not to be confused with the bland sega cd one.

The mega had clouds in the background while the logo stretched and twirled about. Showing that the system could do "mode 7" better than mode 7.

I can see the 360 on there. Actually, both renditions. The original with how the X logo was created from the impression and even the newer "sweeping motion" one are pretty good.

Gamecube is ok. Dreamcast...I see that one at least once a day and it never gets old.

The Neogeo...where it played the tune and boasted its "330 Mega Max Pro Spec". That is decent. Even the original xbox one was cool. I like the sound effects as it is being formed.

Marquis_de_Sade2924d ago

The PS1 boot brings back some memories, it has a futuristic oriental sound to it.

mistajeff2924d ago

the ps1 boot reminds me of childhood

sleepy32924d ago

Darn I'm old. You grew up with the PS1?

mistajeff2923d ago

eh, 4th-5th grade. i was gonna say "SE-GAAA" reminds me of childhood, but that wasn't a console boot. then middle school was dominated by the dreamcast boot.

mrWiebie902924d ago

my top 5
1. PS1
2. Gamecube
3. ps2
4. original xbox
5. Dreamcast
So many memories with ps1 it is the console I grew up with