New Tomb Raider Artwork shows complete new Lara Croft

Crystal Dynamics released a new Artwork of Tomb Raider that shows the new Lara Croft from Head to Foot

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Moragami2929d ago

Dude, where's the boobs? She looks pretty sexy and all, but Croft has D cups, NOT B.

George Sears2929d ago

I guess SE is running some corporate decisions when it comes to her overall look.

MisterAV2929d ago

exactyly, and Square Enix is japanese, so why didn't they add more boobs instead? very strange

NecrumSlavery2929d ago

Tomb Raider had 3 excellenct games on the PS One. Then, I don't know what the hell happened. But every attempt to make a new TR turned into a pile of meh. At this point I am open for any new ideas. But personally, I think the Tomb Raider series needs a better company than SE. Square hasn't really performed to standard for some 5 or 6 years.

Maybe theya re going after the style of Uncharted. Something mature but lovable by all. Even younger crowds.

xYokox2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

What are you talking about?? did you even play the games. Seriously, both Legend and TRA were better than anything Core 've produced back then. Underworld was a bit average though, but that's the only one.

CD 've fixed the camera, the controls, the level design was excellent, Legend was a slick, refreshing and fun game. TRA was perhaps the most well done remake ever, it fixed everything that was wrong with original while maintaining that fantastic, esoteric style.

I don't know, perhaps you guys feel so threatened by this TR reboot now, since you care so much about those exclusives of yours. Seriously, play the games.

DigitalAnalog2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

"What are you talking about?? did you even play the games. Seriously, both Legend and TRA were better than anything Core 've produced back then."

Are you kidding? This was the first game I've played on the Saturn and I loved it. I re-purchased the game on the PSX because I the sequels were released there (and it feels natural on a PSX controller). I even re-purchased ALL of the classic series for my PSP on the go. <-- That's how memorable it was.

The moment I popped in Legend, I nearly broke my keyboard in agony, this was NO tomb raider. It was a blatant rip-off of POP: Sands of Time mechanics with a fucking grappling hook. I HATE THE FUCKING GRAPPLING hook. It was ropes and vines back then, and you had to really LOOK for them. Classic platforming elements challenged you to keep OBSERVING where and how they should be traversed. The game was way too easy. AND SHORT.

Not to mention the world on the classics were more imaginative/expansive and the puzzles were sublime/awesome. CD destroyed everything I liked about Tomb Raider, I even gave them a chance to redeem themselves on Underworld. That was the biggest fuck-up I've ever played on the series. Heck, I enjoy AoD 10 times BETTER than any of the shit CD put on the table.

Not to mention..

Classic games got some of the best bosses.


-End of Line

xYokox2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Legend was indeed too easy and short, i'll give you that much. Although, another way to look at it is the game being a casual friendly attempt at a reboot, it was accessible.

I don't see how you can make these (crazy to be honest) claims, such as the ' PoP rip off'. Joking? Ubi ripped off the original TR.. the non tank control system is being used in all of the modern games. Seriously, think of what you've said for a moment.. Surely two games in the same sub genre should be similar. Is Halo a Half Life rip-off? What would you propose??

I disagree with your definitions of 'platforming elements'. They aren't classic, they're outdated, clumsy and annoying. Core have been churning out mediocre, glitchy, generic games since 1998. TRA showed that the new system can make for both challenging and fun gameplay. Again, I agree with you on that Legend was way too casual friendly.

The world in past TR2 titles wasn't imaginative, it was generic and uninspiring, nothing in later Core games even came close to something like the hidden valley or the Venice level. I don't see how you can hate Legend's locations and level design, they were classy. Underworld's quality was in fact inconsistent, but the Thailand and the opening cave stage were excellent. Seriously, it's funny how you 're saying a glitchy, pseudo intelligent mess that was AoD was more enjoyable in any way.

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VenomProject2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

They said they wanted to tone her sex appeal down just a hair. Which, in my opinion, is like taking away Kratos' blades of chaos and giving him a butter knife.

Still, I really, really want this game. Mayhaps the new Lara will be better than the old Lara.

Kurisu2929d ago

Yea, this new game does look epic, I'm really looking forward to trying it out.

Cenobia2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Actually, giving Kratos a butter knife would just make his kills take longer while making them a lot more personal.

There is still going to be a ton of blood spewing out all over the place.

princejb1342929d ago

when lara croft and nathan drake cross paths in their adventure in uncharted 3=]
i could dream

Snakefist302928d ago

If sony Buys the Ip it will happen.

sjaakiejj2929d ago

I'm glad they turned that down. I'm getting sick of video games featuring sex objects instead of proper women.

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NBT912929d ago

Like the new hair though

Simco8762929d ago

Looks more american than brit. I miss old school croft

TheGuardianFID2929d ago

She looks awesome, I can't wait for this one, I have the whole series!!! 8)

Crossifixxo2929d ago

Is it me or does she look like Cheryl COle?

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