Review: Castlevania: Order Of Shadows gets 3/10 from Wired

From Wired:

"Konami bills Castlevania: Order of Shadows as an "Action/Adventure RPG." I think they've got about two genres too many in there. While their goal here is admirable (create an original mobile Castlevania that takes off of Symphony of the Night), the result plays like self-insert video game fanfiction."

"The control actually isn't too terrible for a mobile handset game. It could have just been the totally sweet phone they loaned me to play it on -- the Verizon V-Cast phone with the screen that flips for wide display -- but moving this game's Belmont du jour around with the keypad felt okay. Also, the music tracks were well-done, and when I beat the game, it allowed me to swap them out for classic Castlevania chiptunes."

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