Izunin's Games of 2010

The gaming year of 2010 is the only gaming year which has impressed [Izuna] for three whole years. Sure there are gems that come out once in a while, but 2007 gave birth to a striking amount of titans. It was the year the 7th Generation made an impression, and finally made gamers feel the difference. 2010 is the year where all of those titans now receive sequels ~ except of course Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 2 and Uncharted 2.

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MrKingofVideoGames2926d ago

It will be interesting to see when a downloadable game finally wins game of the year... somewhere by someone. If it weren't for so many great exclusives (like those on this list) Pac Man Champ. DX, Super Meat Boy, Cave Story, Plants Vs. Zombies, or Shantae might have had a shot.

PrettyinPurple2926d ago

I think Braid was there in 2008. =)

MrKingofVideoGames2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

Makes sense.