USA Total Hardware Sales - DS surpassing PS2? write: "Cumulative sales from NPD Group for every console of this and last generation". Enjoy it!

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A change in the wind2924d ago

Handheld vs. Home console, not really comparable.

Dark_Charizard2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

Wow. That's just the stupidest comment I've ever read!

Fanboys will say anything, ANYTHING to prove the dominance of their own brand. Pathetic.

Agent-862923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Are you sure? Because I think your comment is the stupidest I've ever seen. Handhelds are not consoles. Nothing to do with fanboyism.

Dark_Charizard2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Why? Because soon DS will be the best selling console of all time? Sorry to break it to you mr agent but the DS is a handheld CONSOLE. Also, Wii is the fastest selling console ever, and it's sure to overtake PS2 sometime or the other. Plz stop comforting yourself by thinking that PS2 will remain the best selling console of all time, only to be overtaken by another Sony console. That's not gonna happen, Sony has a bad marketing strategy, i.e., going for high development costs and high prices because of which theyve had a great deal of losses, not to mention they rip off the Wii and try to attract the casual market with their own pathetic offerings like sports champions instead of having some originality for once. What happened to "motion controls are not the future" and "motion controls are a gimmick". On top of being a shameless follower and the market loser, they are hypocrits. And their fanboys are no different. PS2 had the LEASt graphical power last gen, but you boast about graphics and how PS3 is better because it has more horsepower than Wii60. You're nothing but pathetic little children that sit in front of their screens all day long and prove you have no balls by writing such things. In the end, Sony's in 3rd place this generation and look to continue to be since Xbox and Wii are kicking the pulp out of ps3 where sales are concerned. Take a good look for your self at the NPD november data or VGC worldwide data. You can't escape by saying VGC is fake because in both the handheld and home console business, in the end Sony has lost the console war. Sorry.


"mostly kids" Hah. That's the most pathetic snob attitude of a preteen. Apparently, all the reviewers who give handheld games their great scores are easily mature adults. They have no issues about who they are but stupid kids like you that have a superiority complex and try to show others down by calling them kids and pretending to be adults, and they sometimes succeed too, but in the end you have a sad and depressing life without friends, without a girl, without a family; only a screen fall back on. I pity you, son.

Agent-862923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

@AGhostFromThePast, did I mention PS3 or any of this other BS that your spouting? Why do you insist on bashing Sony. I'm not a console fanboy and primarily a PC gamer. I really don't care who wins this console war that you fantards are so obsessed with. I was just stating a fact: handhelds are not consoles. They are cheaper and appeal to a different audience: mostly kids. If you think that all gaming machines are consoles, then I hate to break it to you, but then the PC is the number one gaming platform of all time. Far more sold than any console or handheld.

AKA2282923d ago

Ghost, you are 100% wrong. Home consoles are not comparable to handhelds sales wise. My 3 cousins who are brothers have a Wii they all play in their house, but guess what? each one of them has their own DS, and they are not the only ones. Stop crying and bashing Sony, ps3 has outsold xbox360 world wide in 2007, 2008, 2009 and so far this year. Wii will catch ps2 sales? No it won't. Lifetime ps2 sales are at about 150 mil. Wii sales are at around 75 mil. Wii would have to sell at the same exact rate is has sold for the past 4 yrs for the next 4 yrs, and that WILL not happen, Nintendo will not even be supporting Wii in another 4 years, Sony has shown twice they are the only ones to support their consoles for 10+ years. Stop crying and bashing Sony, you clearly are the fanboy here. One person voiced their opinion about a handheld not being a home consoles, which is true, and you went writing a wall of text bashing Sony, you are a baby and you are wrong.

NeutralGamer2923d ago

I'm sure that if PSP sold more than Xbox 360 people would be like: "PSP Sellin moe than Xflop 360! OMG 10hi 4 shizzle!"

AKA2282923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

PSP has outsold xbox360. As of sept 30 xbox360 has 44.6 mil sold, as of sept 16 psp has 62 million.
Also psp only realesed a few months before 360 in 2005, so PSP has sold more and sold at a faster rate than xbox360.

Nitrowolf22923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )


when you match years on Market, yup PS3 has outsold the 360 every single year
Sales comparison:

Side by side Year on market
1st Year on the market: PS3: 1,252,105 Xbox360:1,169,924
2nd Year on the market: PS3: 7,704,872 Xbox360: 6,730,027
3rd Year on the market: PS3: 9,920,589 Xbox360: 7,848,006
4th Year on the market: PS3: 12,936,669 Xbox360: 10,978,083
5th Year on the market: PS3: 10,585,503 (incomplete year) Xbox360: 10,232,216
***6th Year on the market: PS3: (hasn’t started yet) Xbox360: 9,462,601(Incomplete year) ***
PS3 is selling at a faster rate

when you compare the other way it's back and forth.
But anyway that is prrof right there that the PS3 has indeed been selling more then the 360 has. It sold a lot faster even when it had higher prices at the time. An donly reason it has more is that head start year, but the GAP is shrinking. It might have just increased a bit more this year, but it's still smaller then last years GAP.

Also i would agree with the handheld to home console thing. I mean handheld consoles to me fall into mobile devices. So should we count all the Itouches to? I'm just saying, plus the Wii is prob. gonna end up taking that spot if it's any consoles.

@Nuetral Gamer

Um the PSP already outsold the XBOX and PS3.

AKA2282923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

PSP has outsold xbox360.
as of sept 30 xbox360 has 44.6 mil sold
as of sept 16 PSP has 62 mil sold

Also psp was released only a few months before xbox360 in 2005, so not only has PSP sold more it has sold at a faster rate than xbox360.
So if xbot fanboys wanna play that game, then Sony's PSP has outsold xbox360 and sold at a faster rate. but then again PS3 sells at a faster rate too.

So pretty much PS3 and PSP have sold more and at a faster rate than 360.

Projekt7tuning2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

This is an honest question so please don't get all freaked out, but how many NES and Snes systems did they sell back in the day? I swear every one I knew growing up had a Nes. The Snes and Sega Genesis kinda split each other up, but how many Nes's were sold? I would have thought that would have been the number 1 system seller, or even the Atari 2600. I guess maybe it wasn't as big then. It just seems like everyone had a Nintendo.

AKA2282923d ago

Just do some research. NES has sold 62 million units total, not even half of the ps2 sales.
SNES only sold 49 million units. N64 sold 33 million, and Gamecube only sold 22 million.

Nintendo had no choice but to find a new market, hence the casual market with Wii. Everyone thinks the Wii is innovative, but in reality Nintendo had no choice. Look at sales from the NES to the Gamecube, ALL down hill. 62 mil, to 49 mil, to 33 mil, to 22 mil. Their systems were on a huge downward slope and they had NO CHOICE but to find a new market to sell consoles too.

badz1492922d ago

as always, Sony hater for life ha? what did the PS2 did to you? killed your dog or something? handheld and home console are not fairly comparable. It just happen that the PS2 is the best selling of all at the moment! 2 people wanna play together? need 1 console but will ultimately need 2 handhelds!

"Sony has a bad marketing strategy, i.e., going for high development costs and high prices because of which theyve had a great deal of losses" - with that, comes a console which delivers many great games, not just mindless shooters, or just casual crap = I'm happy!

"they rip off the Wii and try to attract the casual market with their own pathetic offerings like sports champions instead of having some originality for once." - Kinect says HI! ok, give 10 totally original games that has ever came out for the last 3 years! hard, right? thus more people INNOVATE what's already on the market than CREATE something totally new which is a harder task to accomplish!

"What happened to "motion controls are not the future" and "motion controls are a gimmick". On top of being a shameless follower and the market loser, they are hypocrits. And their fanboys are no different." - Kinect says HI again! and you're a shameless fanboy as well!

and how's Sony lost the console war already? the games are heating up and the generation is far from over! and NPD is NA only which =/= world, you fat head! you wanna pop the champagne early, that's up to you but PS3 owners still have lots and lots of exclusive games to look forward to next year! aside from only Gears and...Kingdom? bwahahaha...

badz1492922d ago

way to get yourself OWNED!! there's a bigger world out there, you know.

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TheBand1t2923d ago

You're a real bundle of joy

Tony-Red-Grave2923d ago

Home VS Handheld. why dont we throw phones and balls into the mix /s

how do you compare two completely different products? common sense tells you handhelds will sell more seeing as and get ready YOU CAN HOLD IT IN YOUR HANDS AND PLAY IT ON THE GO vs playimg on an HDTV limited to your house

dredgewalker2923d ago

Veruy true, plus if you wanna play with another person on a handheld you would need another unit, our house has more handhelds than consoles. I pity the fool who thinks that consoles and handhelds are the same.

RedRedSuitSDF2923d ago

Yep... it's like when people want to compare an exclusive that comes out on 360.. but it's on PC as well... and people want to bring up PC.

Consoles vs. PC's, not really comparable.

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Agent-862923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

The PS2 is the king of the consoles for now and the foreseeable future. The DS is a handheld and a completely different market. There are three gaming platforms and comparisons should be made between products within each platform and not between platforms. Consoles are the Wii, 360 and PS3. Handhelds are portable gaming machines like the DS, PSP, iPod, iPad and the smart phones. The third gaming platform is the computer (desktops and laptops): Windows based PC's, Linux PC's, and Mac's.

Prcko2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

ds is handhelds,not consoles,they are much cheaper,it's like you comparing lifetime Maybach car sales with milk lifetime sales,doesn't make any sense
anyway ps2 sold almost 150million worldwide,and that's just CRAZZY number,Sony have soo much money from ps2,and ps2 is still selling like hotcakes(app 100,000 each month)

PS1- 100 million units after 9 years and 6 months of its initial launch
PS2-PlayStation 2, is the best-selling console to date having reached over 140 million units sold as of September 30, 2009
PS3-43 million(released november 2006,so around 4 years now)

rrw2923d ago

its bit unfair. most people buy different version of ds like lite of xl

Masterchef20072923d ago

Who honestly cares? I mean the PS2 did what it was suppose to do and that was to make a ton of money for SOny. I mean why compare DS sales to PS2 sales? One is a console and the other a hand held

chaos-lockheart2922d ago

yea no money = no gaming systems for you, people needs to help them selves to help others, doesn't mean they only care about money, if your friend needs money what you going to do? make money.

Masterchef20072922d ago

You obviously did not understand me here let me put it in a more clear manner.

What matters is that the consoles and handhelds sell. Cause when they do they make money for the company that owns them. And if that happens then that company will continue to support said consoles or handheld. Now what i dont understand is why they are comparing sales of a portable gaming console to a console. It is like comparing an Hummer to a Segway. They both get you from point A to B. But they are very different vehicles

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