20° Radio Ep. 63 - Motion Sickness

Bring along your Dramamine and a disposable baggie because GameCrashers is gonna Kintect and Move you into a whole other plane of video game existence. Use with caution. Allow one hour after a meal before operating. Small pieces may be dangerous to young kids.

The Rundown:
- Game of the Week: Enslaved, Fable II, FF: Dissidia, Costume Quest, Fallout New Vegas, Super Meat Boy, Fallout & Fallout 2
- Boris is obsessed with talking about the “Abe” games
- Boris and Brickman talk about the Move and the Kinect for quite a while
- New Segment: PR-Overload!
- We take a real, 24-hour break and lose two podcasters in the process

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