The Week Ahead - 14/09/07

Hallelujah! Sony is releasing a game for PS3 this week. Although the PS3 versions of both Stranglehold and Fatal Inertia will be out later than their 360 counterparts Sony does get one game to the shelves in the form of Heavenly Sword.

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reaferfore204089d ago

Well Stranglehold is okay, Fatal Intertia suxorz, and HS is a must buy. At least for me.

Baba19064088d ago

HS must buy for me too but europe has to wait till the 19.

ATLRoAcH4088d ago

here.HS looks to be a very good game, if I can scratch up the 60 bucks I may just get it.

Jrome4088d ago

I still need to get Warhawk (39.99 at the best buy near my house ROFL) and then I'll get heavenly sword (59.99) because the demo was GREAT. Definately a fun game :D.

Rama262854088d ago

This is the start of a steady flow of games coming out every week for the PS3 all the way up to Christmas. Get ready to be broke with no money!