November great for Black Ops, good for everyone but Sony

Ars Technica takes a look at the game and hardware sales for the month of November; there are some interesting things going on. To be blunt, this was a good month for everyone but Sony.

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Dark_Charizard2925d ago

PS3 sold 530k which isn't bad at all.

Lionhead2925d ago

Pandamobile (2) | 30m ago
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Grenadan (1) | 1h ago

LOL I take these contributors "contribution" with a grain of salt.

Game-ur2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

PS3 is better worldwide but Sony can't afford to allow a big gap behind the 360 in the US, not just in sales but popularity as well.

The 360 managed to become the "It"to most kids and teens in the US, it’s the "cool" thing now, and the PS3 will have a difficult time unless it manages to get some mojo.

Of all the exclusives the PS3 has in 2011 I think Twisted Metal has the most "cool" factor, and Infamous2 if it has a multiplier that can give the "awesome" felling that games like COD and Halo do.

GrandTheftZamboni2924d ago

Didn't NPD say they would stop posting numbers?

unrealgamer582924d ago

theyre the best at what they do.......... which is troll

MAJ0R2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

those numbers are NA only, which isn't Sony's territory

StanLee2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

I hate when people say North America isn't Sony's territory because it had been for 10 years. The XBox was a console made by an American company and got royally trounced by Sony's Playstation 2. Sony has lost global market share.

MicroSony4Life2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

I think people forget that MS is very young to the console market and dont give them enough credit for being where they are now. Look at what Sony did to a vetarn company like Sega.

MS might not be the best company when it comes to hardware but they got to be doing something right if they lasted this long and people are buying 360's - dont give that BS that Americans will buy anything.

Enate2925d ago

MicroSony4Life I've lived in the United States my entire life, for 24 years. An to be honest the majority of Americans are the most gullible people when it comes to any kind of marketing. Also Americans have to be the undisputed kings of impulse buying. When I ask most people why they bought a particular product over another most have no answer. Mainly due to the fact that the real answer was Bob, Dave, Christina and their whole family had one. An its the new thing to have according to t.v. and almost everyone they know. Also I saw it on t.v. an I was like woah and the newscaster was like this is awesome.

The easiest way to get someone to do something is misdirection and lack of knowledge. An honestly that is how most Americans I come across shop when it comes to electronics anyway. Perfect example a friend of mine wants me to help her pick out a computer for her fiance. He tells her he wants an apple because he likes the way it looks. An the unspoken reason is because his friend has the same one.

The real reason is because he has been playing games on his friends mac and he doesn't know any better. So he was under the impression hey I want that mac cuz it can do this. It took me about 3 weeks to convince this guy that was by far not the best choice for gaming. An that if he really wanted to rub it in his friends face. Let me build it and his pc will run all over that macbook pro. After educating the previously uneducated guess what, now he wants me to build the PC.

That my friend is how most of the people I've come across in the united states shop BLIND and MISINFORMED!

kreate2924d ago

this is the thing about the xbox fanboys.
they're really good at propaganda.

its a global market. globally, the ps3 is outselling
the xbox360.

in NA which is one territory on earth, xbox360 is outselling the PS3.

from these sales, people take only the NA sales and post it over the worldwide web, the internet.

and make it sound like xbox is always outselling the ps3.

R_aVe_N2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )


I can not agree with you more on your comment. From my experience working in retail a lot of the people that buy stuff are not very smart when it comes to electronics. The most common thing you hear is "I saw it on TV" After talking with them a few minutes they usually leave with something they never intended to buy. Blind and miss-informed buyers are the worst in the US. Most of the time they have more money than sense. Another thing that I have seen is parent comes in to buy a PS3 or 360 and the fanboy that works there talks them out of it and choosing the other system the kid did not want. Personal experience here with my sister. Me and that little fanboy had a talk when I took it back lol.

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Vherostar2925d ago

Black Ops DOESNTY seel consoles. Kinect and Black Friday together sold all those 360s. Plus yet again this is anohter articles stating only US numbers.. Gotta love how they ignore the rest of the world.

Thugbot1872924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

NPD only counts US sells. In addition the article was talking about NPD numbers and ars technica primarily gives news related to US Tech with a few articles showing up here and there relating to other places. So I have to wonder why we would be expecting the rest of the world’s numbers to be mentioned.

I would think if that was the case we would put up an article for Europe's NPD equivalent, GfK ChartTrack, Japan Media Create and Famitsu. My point is we wouldn’t read an article talking about Famitsu numbers and say see they don’t report Europe or North America numbers… So why would we say that in this case?

Edit: Charts Track http://forums.gametrailers....

SuperStrokey11232925d ago

Well lets call a spade a spade here, the 360 should have won by a huge margin in november and it did. It had kinect launch and it also had a huge FPS game launch (the 360 gamers seem to love their shooters any theres no shooter bigger than COD). If it didnt put in amazing numbers then i would asking what the hell happened.

The Sony numbers are somewhat disappointing though, there is no denying that but its not a huge concern given the installed base of both consoles.

etownone2925d ago


When I look at the best selling games on PS3,

But I understand your looking for any excuse to put the spin on.


SuperStrokey11232924d ago

I never said they were not tbe best selling genre on the PS3, all i said is that 360 owners lover their shooters. thats all. Im not trying to spin this at all, like at all. Im just saying the 360 should have won, and it did, and these are reasons that contributed to it.

hoops2924d ago

Biggest selling games on the Xbox360 AND PS3 are shooters.
Most anticipated games in 2011 for Sony is KZ3 and RFOM 3.
In other words:

Both consoles LOVE shooters.

jetlian2924d ago

forgot UC3 and socom. isn't there a vid of UC 3. haven't been online in a day

zetsuei12925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

I'm having a good time watching some people (xbox owners) trying to report every single article about PS3 since Sony is doing some serious rape lately.

On the other hand when the article its all about bullshit they approve it with such speed that even flash fails at comparison.

I was just laughing at the site all made about GT5 sales numbers lol. Freak and sick people.

I haven't seen a bitchslap THAT HARD at software since PSOne launch against N64. Alundra,MedEvil, Resident Evil, Xenogears, Final Fantasy,Metal was just too brutal to see.

I fell sad for those who is just about anger.

The rule today is: If you don't have a PS3 and it's not bashing it, you are not doing it right.

zetsuei12925d ago

Yakuza 4
Little Big Planet 2
Infamous 2
Motorstorm Apocalipse
Uncharted 3
Ape Escape
Ni no Kuni
Resistence 3
Killzone 3
The Last Guardian
Team Ico Collection
Twisted Metal
Socom 4
Disgaea 4
Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One
Final Fantasy Versus

And i know for sure that i did forget at least 5-10 exclusive tittles... not only that Wild Arms that was already announced as a PS3 exclusive and already at work just as Persona 5...Oh well.

crzyjackbauer2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

Yakuza 4-that game is so meh
Little Big Planet 2-wtf am i 12?
Infamous 2-rental
Motorstorm Apocalipse-rental
Uncharted 3-will buy
Journey- Journey the band? im in! dont stop believing!!
Ape Escape- again im not 12
WKC 2-wtf is wkc?
Ni no Kuni-wtf is nino kuni?
Resistence 3-if its as good as R1 im in
Killzone 3-rental gotta test out the controls first
The Last Guardian-rental, probably clear it in one weekend
Team Ico Collection-must buy for SOTC
Twisted Metal-gimme a demo first
Socom 4-if the MP is good then im in, SP looks like crap
Disgaea 4-not into rpgs
Ratchet & Clank: All 4 Onece again im not 12
Agent-wtf is agent?
Final Fantasy Versus-$10 say its coming to 360

zetsuei1 please
your are not going to buy more than 4 games on the list so STFU
you wont buy all of them, nobody is
the only games that will sell ps3s are UC3, KZ3 and Socom4
so stop brain-efin your self

BX812925d ago

When you use the word rape in your comment the way you do, it makes intelligent people not take you serious. I wonder if you talk to your grandmother like that?

fear882924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

Why would his grandmother be on N4G? :|

BX812922d ago

@Fear88 She might be.

itchy182925d ago

GT5 just sold 5.5mill in 12 days. how come it's not good for sony?

Otheros002925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

That's ship numbers. Where did you read that it was sold?

GoldPS32925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Ship or sold it's still good numbers that Forza isn't doing.

SoapShoes2925d ago

It specifically says sold in the article, but if it does mean shipped then so what? Every publisher does that! Every sells figure you see for Black Ops is SHIPPED, every sells figure you see for Halo is SHIPPED, every sells figure you see from any popular game/publisher is SHIPPED. What makes GT so different where its sells need to be questioned?!

All the sells for the previous GT games in Sony's chart go by the same standard as GT5, so whether it's shipped or sold it's still half as good as GT1 and GT4 did overall in 12 days.

Vherostar2925d ago

Go away Otheros00 Shipped and sold are the same thing when it comes to numbers you see online. Not one dev or site can report actual sold numebrs its impossible if you think differnt your deluded. Those 5.5 million will be sold easily within a month as no doubt retailers will be asking for even more copys.

Otheros002924d ago

Thanks for the link. Sorry about that. I read that it was shipped from the comments from other articles.

skrug2924d ago

so you read the comments and not the article?

ngecenk2924d ago

for sony shipped is sold. they dont have any obligation to keep the sales track record from retailers.

for a website like vgchartz, sold means from retailers to end user.

so 5.5 million in retailers, 2.9 in end user.

but since retailers wont return the game to sony, yes its pretty safe to argue that 5.5 will be sold with whatever price tag. but until now, 2.9 mil gt5 players.

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jrisner2925d ago

because the dude who submitted the article has nothing better to do today than cause a flame war. I wish I had that kind of time on my hands. 5.5 million at 60 bucks a pop, yea I would say that's not a bad month, and some of those were collectors at 100 bucks.

Black-Helghast2925d ago

Go to news were they said that GT5 ''Shipped 5 million'' In the link your gonna see that they actually SOLD 5 million 12 DAYS...Oh whats that? GT5 Wont do halo numbers? Yup...It won't do halo numbers, it did BETTER than halo numbers. :P

Vherostar2925d ago

And Kinect only Shipped 2.4 million or however many it was. MS can't get real numbers and neither can sony. Stop with this crap about shipped vs sold there the same as there what makes devs the money you actually buying doesn't make the dev the money as they have already sold the game to the retailer and got there cut. So if you see Sold like in the Kienct article thats numbers Sold to retailers not to consumers. It even says so on MS own site with a perfectly good explanation just fanboys choose to ignore these facts.. God how many times do people like me have to explain this to idiots like you people?? ITS IMPOSSIBLE TO TRACK NUMBERS SOLD TO CONSUMERS. SIMPLES!!!

If you wanta reason why it's simple! Retailers don't tell the devs and Sony/MS how many they have soldso the only numbers they have to go off is shipped numbers as you call them. Ask anybody who works high up in retail or knows anything about how that side of the industry works.

gypsygib2925d ago

All I know is my PS3 has better games now and next year and I bought a 360 S to replace my old 20giger. With the exception of the Wii games and Fable (which really isn't that great) PS3 will have 99% of 360s best games while 360 will have none of PS3s.

Simco8762925d ago

Can't agree with this more. While casuals eat up Kinect and Wii. Games that I enjoy are going to be on PS3.

Sales numbers aren't going to change my mind, I already know what system has the best software titles.