HD-DVD Fights Off Blu-ray With a Phaser Gun

It's not enough that Toshiba is beginning to ship their third generation of HD-DVD players before most Blu-ray Disc manufacturers have begun shipping their second generation disc players. Now Toshiba's HD-DVD format is going up against Blu-Ray Disc with a secret weapon - a classic Star Trek phaser gun.

Now that Paramount has pulled their support of Blu-ray vowing exclusive support for the HD-DVD format, the company has entered into a promotion with Toshiba whereby anyone who buys a Toshiba HD-DVD player, and also purahses the upcoming Star Trek Season One Boxed Set on HD-DVD will get a free Star Trek phaser remote control (complete with realistic sound effects). The remote actually operates Toshiba HD-DVD players.

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reaferfore204113d ago

Honestly though, I don't think this will do a whole lot. I mean only Über-nerds are going to go out and get the boxed set in HD. But then again there are a LOT of them out there.

pacman6154112d ago

chit , i love star trek to death, but that dont even look like a phaser, more like a boomerang, phasers are smaller , maybe someones wife would love that more , anyways i already have all the star treks on dvd, and ps3 upscales them perfect for me, screw paramount anyways, star trek and transformers is only decent thing come from them

MK_Red4113d ago

Well, biggest HD-DVD weapons for me are Transformers. Those robots, God I love the cartoons and the movie.

Ri0tSquad4112d ago

Anything no matter what it takes to get someone to buy this......incredible.

cuco334112d ago (Edited 4112d ago )

The phaser thing is a studio tacked on item, sort of like a special edition freebe gift.

Exactly how will 'they do anything?' Your ignorant beyond belief with that statement. I bet you don't even own a single BD disk, maybe cuz mommy dearest won't buy it for you

Let's not forget your precious Sony this week said the HDM market was 1% now of over all movie sales, so with that said, what's pathetic is trolls like you sony guys bashing HD DVD when you fail to see the facts right in front of your eyes.

Ri0tSquad4112d ago (Edited 4112d ago )

I bet if I told you to go enjoy your paper weight instead of replying to my comments that are so ignorant you would really start crying. BTW when did I say anything about Sony? And because I said they will do anything to sell it im a Sony guy now? Haha ok man. On my ignore list you go.

Boink4112d ago

won't make me buy it, but pretty cool, lotsa geeks out there who will want it:)

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The story is too old to be commented.