Battlefield: Play4Free - Gameplay

E4G: Gameplay of the Battlefield: Play4Free beta.

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captain-obvious2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

they took the sounds right off BFBC2
and i mean the characters

sprayNpray2809d ago

This map is from battlefield 2. Basically EA is incapable of publishing anything original, though I will still probably enjoy this game (cause its free!).

soundslike2809d ago

Shouldn't really be a surprise. AFAIK F2P has yet to come to consoles, although I think Magic: The Gathering might be the first.

MagicAccent2809d ago

Well why not?
At least Sony's not one to screw gamers over when the developers willing to give out free stuff.

I mean, it's on the same engine as Bad Company.. It's basically just a modded Bad Company. So, why not?

dkblackhawk502809d ago

Just got my beta code today, it is awesome! :D


anybody think this would work on my netbook lol ;)

soundslike2809d ago

F2P games are usually made to be extremely scalable or else they wouldn't even be viable as a product/service.

RyuDrinksTheDew2809d ago

actually looks better than i expected.

Arup022809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

0:33 oops

Pretty damn good, maybe i'll give it a try.Just a question: Where i can find a beta code?

Zachmo1822809d ago

It should my laptop has the 4500mhd graphics card and runs BF2. Just go on youtube and and type battlefield 2 and what ever graphics card you have.

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The story is too old to be commented.