Are We Becoming Desensitized?

Kevin from looks at video games and the effect of it on youth. Are video games making youth desensitized to violence? Kevin gives his opinion and scratches the surface on this on going debate.

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unrealgamer582924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

boats and hoes

FantasyStar2923d ago

Parents: "that's horrible! What kind of sick person would do that?!"
Gamer: "lol, did he level up?"

SpinalRemains1382923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )


Now that's sick. I remember when I was a senior in High School and we got to go to Nassau County Courthouse for a class trip. That day was actually the opening day for the Joel Rifkin trial! What a day indeed. There were parents of victims crying and screaming and even spitting at Mr. Rifkin. It was some sick ass shit. The crazy bastard just sat there completely unaffected by his surroundings and looked as if he couldn't care less. He may have been wondering what the stenographer would look like without a head. My point is that, in a world with Joel Rifkin, Dahmer, Taliban and the like; what the fuck do video games have to do with any of it? The issue is that these crazy fucks are wired wrong. Video games do not desensitize people. They're insane or they aren't. Hell, humans are violent and troubled to begin with. Why are we in denial about this? Why are we trying to scapegoat the fact that we're fucked up as a species? It's like humanity is in the closet! We just cannot accept what we truly are. A species bent on selfishness, jealousy and violence, and it was there a helluva lot longer than Tommy fucking Vercetti.

SpinalRemains1382923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

This is total bullshit.

It isn't that there are violent movies and games today. They've been there for a long time. It's that we are becoming entirely too PC and sensetive in genral. We are soft as a society. When you cannot go into a bakery and buy X-Mas cookies because it's somehow anti-semitic; video games and movies ARE NOT the problem! The problem is that ppl aren't living in the now. They can't experience their own fucking lives because they're too dam preoccupied with everyone elses. From the Kardashians to neighbors down the block, to the not wanting to offend any minority to not being allowed to make a Swastika in a game that has Swastikas.

Our society is ass backwards and we need more violent games and Stanley Kubrick. Political correctness leads to false dichotomies. ie....
Man A: "Hey I should go buy X-Mas cookies for my family."
Man B: "What, you hate Jews?"
The above is what is slowly happening.
Death to Political Correctness, Reality TV, TMZ and Starbucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm off to find a real bakery who will bake me some fucking Christmas cookies. Christmas cookies, people! We cannot buy Christmas cookies! Who's with me?
- Can I get an Amen? Wait that's racist, right?