New PS3-Exclusive Journey Screenshots

New screenshots from thatgamecompany's (the Flower developers) latest PlayStation 3 exclusive game, Journey.

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Mamajuana2930d ago

This will be a special game.

gaffyh2930d ago

Yeah looks amazing, and even from the screens I have no idea what the game will be like.

Jaces2930d ago

I want this NOW. 2011....ugh, 2011 of January please!

B_Rian892930d ago

Me too! One of my most anticipated for 2011

zeddy2930d ago

flower was amazing, i still have it on my ps3 hdd after deleting all my stuff to save space i couldnt bring myself delete it.

remanutd552930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

more exclusives? man this is exactly what i wanted from sony , now they are looking at their very best , bring it on thatgamecompany , i cant wait to play it !!!!

DoucheVader2930d ago

"Exclusive" Images right from the trailer! :P

Words have meaning. Exclusive means that these images do not appear elsewhere. They obviously do. Doesn't anyone value integrity anymore?

ArtsyGamer2930d ago

Seriously, I'm just going to screencap all the trailers that come out and make a fortune selling "Exclusive" pictures.

DoucheVader2929d ago

It's not like PS3Center has a reputation for breaking news. Quite the opposite.

DoucheVader2929d ago

Oh look they updated it to "PS3 Exclusive". :P

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The story is too old to be commented.