PS3 LittleBigPlanet Video Preview & More from GameHead

SpikeTV's Game Head featuring video preview of PS3's LittleBigPlanet, Projekt Revolution interviews and more.

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MK_Red4115d ago

While I watched the video for lovely LBP, it was the interview section that I really enjoyed.

fenderputty4115d ago

little big planet was cool too.

HeartlesskizZ4115d ago

Imagine Little big planet with guns!, a little big bloody ;)

MK_Red4114d ago

Good one. They'll never make such a bloody game but it would be bloody cool :)

Contra264115d ago

end of story.

watch how the little punani boys defend it..

monkey6024114d ago (Edited 4114d ago )

I like how it seems everyone is too afraid to reply to that because of what you said but screw that I can tell you now that anybody who hates LBP because of how it looks is an unimaginative A$$hole. And who says Punani these days? if you were as tough as you are trying to be you would use more abusive words and not care of the consequences. Get a life because if your wasting time on here telling people what they are because of their differences in interests from yours your life couldn't be all that fullfilling

otherZinc4115d ago

This game is going to be another hyped POS from SONY: LAIR, MOTORSTORM, VIRTUA FIGHTER, and now: LBP!

This game will not sell worth anything.

MK_Red4114d ago

Do you realise that the game was nominated for Game Of the E3 by all mags and sites, eventually winning Best of the Show from GameTrailers and GameSpot?

monkey6024114d ago

Nothing we have seen from LBP has been Pre-Rendered or anything just pure gameplay so I think people know what to expect from it