Killzone 3 MAWLR vs Resistance 2 Goliath Comparison

With the leaked footage a few days ago, there are some clear similarities between Killzone 3's latest monster machine and Resistance 2's Goliath, here are some comparison shots.

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himdeel2930d ago

The Helghan travel through a worm whole and defeat the Chimera that took over the Earth after Resistance 3, steal their technology, pee in their swimming pools, eat up all their popping corn, and don't leave a tip after dinner...the end.

IronFist2930d ago

Lol, it is pretty crazy how similar these actually look though.

unrealgamer582930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

ummmmmmm no helghan come over, then gunfire erupts, helghan try to take cover (lol), get shot by the auger, killed, And converted to chimera, then the chimera proceed to the other world to butt [email protected] every living organism.

then "the madness begins". (If you know where I got that quote good for you)

scar202930d ago

Can you guys imagine if insomaniac teamed up with GG to make a game where resistance and killzone fought each other.

Asuka2930d ago

it would be interesting to cross the universes together! Let's say that the Helghan war is over. Shit storm happens on Earth, Earth contacts Helghan and Vekta for assistance. Vekta and Helghan send support. Through back channels High Helghan officials plot to strike both Vektan and Earth forces while they are occupied by the Chimeran threat.

I don't how far it'll go, but it is kool to think about.

MicroSony4Life2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

Wont work due to diffrent time lines.

Killzone is in the distant future compared to Resistance.

Asuka2930d ago


Could tweak it abit just to make it work =P I mean if it'll turn a couple bucks its worth a few tweaks on the setting, right?

SnakeMustDie2930d ago


I am helgasming already just by seeing the picture.

Immortal3212930d ago

what other game have scale like god of war, resistance, killzone, and uncharted?

RevXM2930d ago

WHat do you mean by scale?
huge vistas or huge ass vistas with huge ass motherfucker bosses?

I'll Say Shadow of the Colosuss, Jak and Daxter and Halo.

And there is always sandbox types of games.

Ryudo2930d ago

BF2142 on the PC has more scale then any of them, but for consoles am not entirely sure not into FPS/Hack,n,slash.

Neurotoxin2930d ago

Looks as similar as all the other things that have appeared in games over the years.

Why not make one in the shape of a cock, With rockets that fire out of the cock-pit. Epic. ZOMG. Blah

Ascalon942927d ago

I heard Dante's Inferno had a level where you literally climb up a huge dick to fight Lust or something like that.

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