Forza 3 "Community Choice Classics Car Pack" Detailed

XMNR: This Christmas, treat yourself to something special and get behind the wheel of ten iconic cars rolling out as part of the “Community Choice Classics Car Pack” for Forza Motorsport 3.

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Rofl they realize that gt5 is destroying it so they're releasing shit 2 years later. fucking pathetic.

killyourfm2924d ago

They're supporting it through its lifespan just like Burnout Paradise. If you weren't a troll, you'd realize how cool that is.

(yes, i own and love both Forza 3 and GT5)

CrAppleton2924d ago

Go away, troll. Forza 3 is a fantastic game (yes, so is GT5) and it kicks ass they're supporting it.

Arup022924d ago


hmm, great DLC. We have so much DLC in the market, and they're all great. Good thing Turn 10 is expanding the lifespan of the game! Until Forza 4 releases, i want to see much more DLC

JohnApocalypse2924d ago

No one wanted to ride a Warthog?

killyourfm2924d ago

Now I'm wondering how long until "Halo: Race Edition" is revealed. On a related note, Warthog in Twisted Metal PS3 ftw!