Indie Dev creates Air Guitar prototype for Kinect

XMNR: The number of independent developers coming up with creative new ways to use the Kinect sensor beyond the Xbox 360 continues to grow. One of the newest is an Air Guitar prototype.

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anthraxCZ2927d ago

this is amazing - it could be used in many arcade music games :)

imagine virtual drums! :D

Apocalypse Shadow2927d ago

(5:22 seconds in...)

maybe he can get "INSPIRATION" from an old eyetoy game.....since we have never seen this tech before and kinect is the first time hands free gaming has come to consoles.

sleepy32926d ago

wow, kinect really hurts you doesn't it, lol. You really want to get into what was first to do what? After all, the genesis had a full body controller BEFORE the yeah, not even Sony was original. Its not about being first, its about being in right place at the right time. Sony wasn't the first with a cd console, but it was the 1st successful one. The prius wasn't the first hybrid car ever made. The iPad wasn't the first tablet. And the PS3 move was not the first motion controller.

But on topic, looks cool. But what i want is a Kinect app that allows me to make a hologram of myself in another room. Would be sweet. That might get me to buy one....then again, maybe not.