Second Life: Get a baby unicorn by having sex with an adult unicorn

What's the latest trend among the elite Fashionista groups of Second Life this week?

Tiny, adorable baby unicorns that you can hold and cuddle... but they come with a price.

You can only get them by having sex with an adult unicorn (although the unicorn isn't age verified) located at the bel Highland sim in a shop called Sensual Stoneworks. This week pictures of baby unicorns (and some pictures of the sexual act) have been popping up on Snapzilla.

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TnS4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

Having sex with a unicorn? These guys over at the Linden Lab are sick.

pompoms4031d ago

So whats the deal if your a guy?

djt234031d ago

baby in Second Life

ArduousAndy4031d ago

the church when they said the internet would lead to a deviant lifestyle.

EH EH baby unicorns.

Seriously though who discovered this. Who said "im going to go have sex with a unicorn?"

TheMART4031d ago

Moahahahaha that's some pretty sick stuff there.

I think a lot of moralist Christs will fall over this stuff. I hear the American guy standing up again: let's forbid this game! blablabla

So what's next?

@ Home on the PS3? Where one can get raped by Barbie Ken or his little son Kaz while they're wearing a pink dress and the ass get ripped apart?

Oh wait, that's what Sony does to PS3 buyers every day, reality already. Ouch.

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