VGAs 2010: Pre-Show Rumour Round-Up

NowGamer: Everything you need to know ahead of the 13 world premieres set to debut at the Spike TV Video Game Awards in Los Angeles...

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catguykyou2923d ago

Gears of ... not war. You figure it out.

catguykyou2923d ago

Just saying. A new Gears of War game is unexpected but it doesn't mean that it won't be a Gears game....but Gears of what?

BullCrap2923d ago

Gears of Kinect? If that happens, goodbye to the gears franchise. Would be on rails and very limited in content.

Simco8762923d ago

Not going to watch the show because they took voting out of the hands of gamers. What a joke

catguykyou2923d ago

How did they take voting out of hands of gamers? Seriously asking cause I'm not sure the situation of this year but every year before, you would go to the VGA site to vote for the games you wanted to win.

PS3gamer4life2923d ago

Can you watch VGAs on tv??

BullCrap2923d ago

spiketv if you dont get that, theres always ustream and Someone on there always streams stuff like that.