PS3 Final Fantasy VII Remake date slipped?

Earlier today, the release date of Final Fantasy VII on the PlayStation 3 system was set for 1/1/2008. Now it has changed again.

It's new release date is set too 11/01/2008 (November 1, 2008). Does 1UP know a secret that we don't know about?

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MK_Red3790d ago

If Square announces the FFVII remake as a surprise on TGS, not only the Japan will explode, te gaming world be heavily shaken.

Has 1UP indeed slipped a secret?

Hades13373790d ago

1up have probably done this to spark rumours of a remake so close to TGS. Plus I just dont see how Square Enix could make this game, cause the FFVII team are currently working on FF Versus XIII AND the next Kingdom Hearts. Unless it is handled by a different team, I just dont see how they could fit it into their schedule.

MK_Red3790d ago

I'm not saying 1UP is right or something but with TGS around, two quick release date changes...

And the fact that I said explode was about whenever Square announces FFVII remake. I can't imagine playing FFVII on HD with graphics matching FFVII: Advent Children movie. That would be a killer. One can wish, can't he?

cloud3603790d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

Every 20 year old and Big FF fan like me will buy a ps3 even though this game is not out yet....

Becuase they will know which console will win....

FFVII is 2nd best selling game on ps1 with 10.5mil as of 2007

scheme_a3789d ago

I will be so happy if they actually do this, but there's no way in hell they can release it by the end of next year.
They said on the recent interview they're working hard on XIII now and "if" they announce the remake that'll be much later on.
I'm guessing this is some VII related game, like Crisis Core.

DeadlyFire3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

More than likely its just 1up starting more rumors. If there ever was a remake of the game it would take about a year or two you would think even if they started on it right after FFXIII and XIII Versus, and Kindom Hearts game it won't likely be finished until 2009-2011.

REbirth3789d ago

i think 1up are believers like the FF7 fans:P and they are playin with our hearts

MADGameR3789d ago

It will be bigger than Halo 3

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MACHone3790d ago

EGM hasn't leaked anything. Their release date list is horribly inaccurate and undermanned. I use the site frequently to add games to my online collection and know for a fact that many games have dates that can be at least six months off -- even if they're already released! It's a real pain to remember to add a game you just bought to your collection six months down the road just because someone didn't bother to fix things on their end. The new date is most likely just a placeholder since the previous date, January of 2008, is fast approaching, and they wouldn't want people adding a game to their collection that didn't exist yet.

conjurdevil3790d ago

after every 2 3 months they keep updating this date !!!Its nothing but fake!Unless they ACTUALLY announce a remake

cloud3603790d ago

IF this is TRUE...

Bye bye xbox360 in all of Japan and 1/2 of america 1/4 of uk....

All of my uncles friend played FFVII...

6 People on his street bought the game when it came out...

most bought a ps1 just for the game

TheFatOne3790d ago

If FFVII ever came out on the PS3 it would make this Halo 3 hype look liked childs play.

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