Do Demos Damage Their Games?

Picture a movie trailer that shows only the first scene of the film. The camera pans across a large number of clocks, a teenager enters and causes a giant speaker to explode with a pluck of his guitar. End trailer. Are you convinced yet? Excited to see Back to the Future?

Sometimes game demos don't even include proper levels, instead containing only the tutorial. "Welcome to an RTS. You select the troops by lassoing them with the left mouse button. Congratulations! You are the best I've ever seen at left-mouse-button lassoing. Please pay £35 to continue playing."

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MK_Red4115d ago

Well, recent demos seem to have done some damage to games like Stranglehold, whose demo most people disliked. I didn't download the demo since I've already made my mind and want to get the game.

Caxtus7504115d ago

Agreed, I wanted that game...but now will not buy due to the terrible voice acting and repetativenes...however, the gameplay video after the demo looked fun.

Bioshock is an example...nt because it was bad but because the most jaw dropping, atmospheric opening to a game became a chore after having to do it....again. I just rushed the "demo" area of the game which just is boring after playing a few times.

monkey6024115d ago

Well I had no interest in Folklore until I tried the demo(not usually my type of game).

MK_Red4115d ago

You've got a point. I haven't played the demo but Folklore is a must buy for me.

Personally, I never download demos, buy the games that I really want and like and forget about the other titles and their demos.

monkey6024115d ago

I'm the opposite I play almost any demo I can get my hands on just to try something new

urban bohemian4115d ago

I don't have tons of cash to spend on games so I normally wait till I play on a friends copy or play a demo before I decide to buy. That it unless its an obviously good game like mgs4 or halo 3. The Bioshock demo made me want to play even more and so did the Folklore demo.

I think a demo of Lair might boost sales when it arrives in the UK as I'm def not going to buy it on release day now after all the negative press.

monkey6024115d ago

I agree with Urban above me. A good demo really can sell copies but I suppose it can also destroy a game if it is truely bad. In Lair's case a demo could either encourage people to buy the game because it's not as bad as they tought it would be after the attention it's gotten lately or it could turn away what people are still waiting for it because after they have tried it it may not live up to expectations. In the end demo's of games are used to sell copies of that game but really they should give the player a good insight into what they are getting. If a game deserves to be bought then a demo should do it no harm

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The Wood4115d ago

if its crap ie nascar 08, nba live o8. what pieces of crap

Honcho4115d ago

Yeah, if developers decide to put out a demo they better spend some time on it. cause crappy demos will ruin a sale... like strangelhold.. I am not getting that game anymore... But bioshock demo made me get that. and I can't wait for folklor since i played the demo

AllroundGamer4115d ago

and the most important demo is tadaaa - Lair :) if they don't upload a demo on PSN, they can suck my...

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