A Boyfriend's Guide to Get Your Girl to Game

Natalie Romano from GameZone writes: "He games but she doesn't; can it work out for both of them? Yes, it can.

"If story is her thing, you can move to games that involve a little more direct action but nothing too gritty (e.g. the Silent Hill games) or too overly violent (Condemned: Criminal Origins). Keep her growing appetite for story and character development going with games like Bully for the PS2 (introducing her to GTA-styled gameplay so you can set her up for Grand Theft Auto IV) or Kameo: Elements of Power."

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Razzy3752d ago

My wife will play racing games on occasion but thats it. She can't stand any other games.

stunt2133751d ago

My gf only play party games such as wii sports and mario party 8, and it's impossible trying to get her to play games that are actually good like resistance, gears of war, metroid, etc...

heroman7113751d ago

my gf only plays naruto on ps2 and occasionally resident evil 4

thisisim3750d ago

Is that picture of your wife? She's quite the lucky girl to have you posting her like that. Or is it someone else? Again, she's gotta be lucky to have you.

CRIMS0N_W0LF3752d ago

Having to waste more money on games >_>

Currently my gf is hooked up with R6. She wants me to buy Warhawk when it comes out in my country.

She loves gorey and action like Resident Evil or GoW also she loves RPGs and "normal for igrls stuff" like her list like Little Big Planet, Harvest Moon etc....She wants me to buy Nintendo DS for Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon DS in fact T.T

Well she wanted me to get a PSP with FFVII: Crisis Core but I want that myself so meh :P

Cartesian3D3751d ago

my GF loves shopping (even more than me) .. if they put Shopping in GTA4 or gateway or anythin like that.. that would be a nice solution for many Girls...

she like RTS games too but not so much ...

DrunKao3751d ago

There is shopping in GTA isn't there?

Cartesian3D3751d ago

there is driving in GTA.

. but people dont buy GTA for driving...

shopping... I mean real shopping.. sth like HOME... u can buy a REAL VIRTUAL T-shirt with picture of Heavenly sword..

killercam193751d ago

simple solution get guitar hero

Tabasco3751d ago

All of the girls I've been with love Guitar hero, but for other types of games only racing games are the ones they wanna play.

heroman7113751d ago

not my girl, she only likes naruto and resident evil

HeartlesskizZ3751d ago

If I was not already a gamegirl This games are sure not interest of me. give me bloody games and im happy, not all us girls like girly stuff (except nintendo dogs and LBP)

Mr PS33751d ago

"There's no crying in Baseball"
And i say an equally famous and historic line
"Girls know your role and let the boys do the gaming"
But if you insist on gaming Stick to the b!tch of all console's the 360

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