120° launches Video Games Trade-In Store

Nintendo Universe writes: has today announced that it has launched its very own 'Video Games Trade-In Store,' offering customers with the opportunity to exchange their unwanted games and accessories in return for credit that is added to their account.

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BYE2926d ago

I thought there already is one, it's called Amazon marketplace.

Scarfy2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

I was about the say that this is better than trading at CEX, but not quite.

1) Whilst postage is free, you need to package it yourself (added expense to you)
2) Turn around will be slower
3) CEX will actually give you cash, if you desire.
4) It's possible that your item might be damaged in the post, and Amazon will then reject it.

Still, they have good exchange rates (better than Game), so it would be worthwhile for some people.

M4I0N32926d ago

Yeah, i was thinking the exact same thing, but CEX provide a better value for your tradeins.

Cos when you trade in something like Grand Theft Auto IV (PS3) at CEX you can get £4 cash back or £5 exchange value whereas at amazon, they only give you an exchange value of £1.

Check these links for proof:

ian722926d ago

Just looked at those links and I would rather keep my older games than trade them in for those stupidly low prices. £1 for GTA4 or Killzone 2, thats just a rip off.

Viddharto2926d ago

WHOTF would trade in phoenix wright????!!!!