Palgn Xbox360 Multiplayer Preview - CoD 4: Modern Warfare

Palgn Xbox360 writes: "While we waited for the game session to be set up, we were able to fiddle around with the player-edit and set up features. While most options were locked, we could see that there were quite a few weapons and options available to 'create' a player class. The basic classes are still all there, and with a variety of modern looking and sounding shotguns, machine guns and rifles it started to feel like our old Counter Strike days than the Call of Duty we're used to. There were even options to customise the uniform and attachments".

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X THE HITMAN XX4063d ago

dont think the reviwer played the same
game as me
very negative
this game rocks i dont see it lacking much
of anything

Lyberator4063d ago

I agree. They had to be about a different game.

harpua4063d ago

i hear the 360 online version actually had two thing moving at once...but only occasionally.

Lyberator4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

Hey harpua. What do you think of the beta? Oh wait, you can't play it! That must suck. Take that BS fanboyism out of here.

ichimaru4062d ago

harpua go spamm on a ps3fanboy site.......besides n4g