A warning for PlayStation Move buyers (New Zealand)


Sony's latest entertainment gadget, the PlayStation Move controller, is at the top of every child's Christmas wish list but the remote sold out across the country nearly three weeks ago. However some retailers have still been selling them online.

"It's potentially a breach of the Fair Trading Act if you're marketing products you don't have to sell," said Consumer NZ chief executive Sue Chetwin.

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cloud4952930d ago

Lucky I got mine a month ago

sp1deynut2930d ago

If Move has indeed already sold over 4 million units...and I'm sure it has, or at least close to it...that's more than the average PS3 exclusive, which is beyond ridiculous. Move is $100...and isn't even playable with most PS3 games, with the better Move games not coming for a few months yet. Why the hell are people flocking to Move, more than great exclusives like God of War, Heavy Rain, Killzone 2, etc ? It really makes no sense.

Dnied2930d ago

Actually It's pretty simple I would think.. Move is targeted to a MUCH broader audience than say... god of war 3.

I'm willing to bet there's a fairly large portion of the Move buyers who are still not allowed to even play a game like god of war 3 haha

cloud4952930d ago

Plus you can buy another move controller for some games.

jneul2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

alot of ppl already owned ps move compatible games like heavy rain, eyepet, re5:gold (which got patched if you did not get the move edition), this would also explain some ppl only bought just one extra game and most times it was sports champions, so all they needed was either a move or a starter pack, dont forget there was 1m+ eye owners already out there so their upgrade cost was very cheap

Koolno2928d ago

It's less than 100...

and think that guitar hero, or else accessory games, cost sometime more and can be use only for few games !

Move can be used for more then 10 really good games, who can play more than that in 2 months ?

Pacman3212930d ago

I wish Sony would advertise the move more, it could be so much bigger than it already it!

Lucreto2930d ago

I have seen far more Move adverts on TV than Kinect. I have seen it dubbed in English and Irish accents and dedicated adverts from Xtravision Ireland's rental retailer.
I can see 3 Move adverts in an hour and maybe 1 Kinect every 2 or so hours but that has increased recently.

fr0sty2930d ago

Read the article then think about what you just said...

"the remote sold out across the country nearly three weeks ago"

why spend money on ads when you're having trouble meeting demand as it is?

Braxton52930d ago

Microsoft put this up To make move look bad

onanie2930d ago

On the contrary, this "Sue Chetwin" is unwittingly advertising for Move.

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The story is too old to be commented.