Gears Of War 3 Feature List: 50 Unique Facts

NowGamer: Essential reading for any Gears fan. Here's everything you need to know about Gears Of War 3: 50 brilliant new features for Epic's epic sequel. Why not print out this list and tick off the features when you see them in-game. Actually, don't.

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gears 2 multiplayer was a broken mess

the kills in multiplayer for gears 3 look insane....its like mortal kombat 'finish him' times ahead

SMOK3xFFx2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

Yeah, Gears 2's multiplayer was complete sh!t, but mainly due to lag and other problems associated with P2P, which Gears 3 doesn't have. Oh Yeah, Dedicated servers Yeah!

The real killer2922d ago

Why is multiplayer so damn importent?
I don't give a f*ck about multiplayer, i want a good singleplayer of the game.

LORD-PHOENIX2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

multiplayer is just as important to others if you dont care about multiplayer thats your prerogative but others do and thats theirs.

to me single and multiplayer are important because once i get through the single player i want my £40 worth of gaming and thats where multiplayer comes in it helps keep the longevity of any said title

kaveti66162922d ago

I liked the Gears 2 single player. It was very fun.

Active Reload2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

Gears multiplayer is very unique. You won't find anything else like it anywhere. If Unreal Tournament and Madden Football had a baby they'd produce Gears.

Active Reload2922d ago

They forgot to mention one of the female characters. The boomer lady makes it a total of 3 females so far.

Immortal3212922d ago

considering the 2nd installment.

clintos592922d ago

Thats the problem with p2p is u get alot of cheating idiots who use the standby button. I remember I played a round against this guy who had a high rank & he got his kills against noobz on my team but I kept killing him & after the match he friend requested me. Then he invited some friends who were high ranks like him & we went into a match & he used standby & all I remember was he killed every guy on the other team & once I seen the other team leaving I left too & deleted that idiot off my friends list. Its one thing to be a camper & get easy kills, I dont mind those type players but if u need to use standby to get your kills & stats up, whats so fun about that? Its meaningless & u wont make alot of friends that way unless they cheat like u. Hopefully gears 3 has dedicated servers because the multiplayer in gears is one of the best & tons of fun when u have fair matches. Also horde is tons of fun & can be enjoyed offline & online with friends for tons of hours. Hope they show some new gears gameplay.

SwiftShot2922d ago

I'm glad u can switch between the lancer n shotty from gears 2. Damn u host advantage, hope with the delay they fix many things. GEARSSSSSSSSSS!

Immortal3212922d ago

im sorry but host advantage.... funny

SwiftShot2922d ago

funny when ur the host :D I just play horde or cod he he

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