Fans react positively to Final Fantasy XIV news

The news of one game’s continued problems and another’s delay would usually spark frustration among the player base. But it seems that many people are pleased with Square Enix’s decisions regarding Final Fantasy XIV today.

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Lirky2926d ago

it should go free 2 play forever.

soundslike2926d ago

Its sad that some developers who have good starting points for MMO's with more potential than this mess of a game get forced into F2P just so they don't go bankrupt, but huge ass companies like square-enix make POS like this and pass it off as subscription worthy.

zgoldenlionz2926d ago

ffxiv is quality for sure its polish and fun factor it lacks.

Brewski0072926d ago

I fear this game will seriously tarnish the name "Final Fantasy". Most recent installments have already lacked the passion and creativity the older games of the series had. If this MMO doesnt get a massive over-haul its disappointing sales figures could end up causing a lot of headaches for the brand, And they fan base might start dwindling even further.

Marceles2926d ago

The name "Square Enix" is responsible for its tarnishment. They just don't know what to do with the series without Sakaguchi. FFXI turned out great even when it launched, and is incredible now. If FFXI had FFXIV's graphics I'd be in MMO heaven.

Redempteur2926d ago

it will improve ...

it has too .. meanwhile frustrated players are still waiting on FF11 servers


A lot of MMORPGs games start bad, then it will improve eventually, that's for sure.

GigaGaia2926d ago

The only thing we love about their decisions of today is that the game will be free to play for a few months.

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The story is too old to be commented.