Microsoft working on new MMOFPS technology for massive, epic battles

Imagine battling hundreds or thousands of other players - not just 8 or 16, all on the same server in the same place at the same time.

"How can that be possible? There would be so much lag!"

"DoonyBrook" is the codename of a project Microsoft Research is working on to make MMOs more epic. Watch this video clip and learn how massive, epic online battles become possible.

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BIadestarX4089d ago

A similar technique is use when rendering graphics on the screen. Only the area you are looking is rendered... If the game would have to render everything including the parts you don't see than it would run a 1 fps... or less.. hehe. Also, MMO games use a distance type technique and only nearby characters send you data.. which is why on many games the towns are so laggy...

I think this is a more advance technique that can revolutionize the way games are played. If this becomes a reality the need for servers with super expensive internet connection will not be necessary for many games. The way things work today is... all users send eachother data... other games send data to the host and the host updates all users... kind of crazy when you have 32 players.

Now the way this will work is...
If your screen is not looking at the character.. there is no need to receive their data (Weapons info, location info, etc)... when the character is behind walls.. there is no need to send data... if the character is across the map from you there is no need to send data.

If a character is behind you and shot you.. he can send you "shot... you are dead... data"...

Very nice and powerful technique...

I'm sure lots of game companies will start using these techniques...
I can't wait until microsoft make this part of their SDK and developers can easly implement them.

And there are Fanboys here that think Microsoft never innovates. Being a software company obviously give them a level of advantage over their competitors.

Soon... Certain fanboys will not be bragging about having 64 player and dedicated servers.. when an xbox 360 game supports a few hundred players.

warfed4089d ago

do you actually think MS will have games with 100 people online at their expense?

ArmrdChaos4089d ago

If MS was smart they would start getting these MMOs on Live and not require the GOLD members to pay extra. Imagine having multiple MMOs at your disposal with only the one fee for LIVE. If MS provided the server space then the cost would in theory be minimal for the developer and game updates could be offered through marketplace.

SofaKingReetodded4089d ago

if it's done by MS it will run poorly and cost you as much as a small apartment in monthly fees.


Im one of those that's convinced that anything MS puts their hands on turns to mud.

nirwanda4088d ago (Edited 4088d ago )

anyone playing online will have to be catered for with servers anyway if it's an mmo so it will be cheaper for MS to do it this way as they will use less severs running more efficient code

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Lyberator4089d ago

I wonder how far along the technology is. Like when we'll actually start to see it implemented by developers.

nasim4089d ago (Edited 4089d ago )

how come this BOT keeps posting this trash everytime.

Mass Effect has liliput enemies on screen since x360 is not powerful enough to handle textures of BIGGER ENEMIES.

MS are trying to make a game with enemies containing barely as many polygons as a typical TETRIS block.

a low powered console will handle detailed enemies???
How come these stories are approved everytime??

DONT forget that x360 has a shared bandwidth of just 22g/s and has a slower cache of 1mb only .

you can have 100x of liliput enemies as in Mass effect

ArmrdChaos4089d ago (Edited 4089d ago )

He has 1 bubble and shouldn't even show up...which he doesn't for me.

He has NO voice if you don't give him one. People like him feed off of the negative feedback so don't provide him any. It is a cry for attention that he is not getting anywhere else in life.

Treat him like he not even there.

Xi4089d ago

This would make MMOFPS a lot more viable, sounds like fun.

Daxx4089d ago (Edited 4089d ago )

Sounds good. I hope they get this "DoonyBrook" thing working.

Also the game Huxley, which is coming out on the 360 in 2008, is a good example of a FPSMMO that could end up changing from a 100vs100 game to a 1000vs1000 game if "DoonyBrook" gets fully produced.

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