Playstation Move games discounted to under $20 by Fry’s Electronics

Retailer Fry’s Electronics is discounting several Playstation Move games to under $20 on their online web site in addition to their brick-and-mortar stores.

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Bigpappy2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

Sony will have something else by next holiday season. Got to let the big release (Socom, KZ3, LBP2 and Sorcery) try and sell Move first. But what about the casual crowd. They are the big gorilla in the room.

Ryudo2926d ago

Sorcery looks targeted towards the casual crowd if you ask me, it certainly will go down well with the hardcore also if it's done right.

But let's be honest it's basically a Harry Potter game, you don't get more casual then that.

Bigpappy2926d ago

You do have a point, but it is not potter. I just don't think many casuals will buy the Move bundle for sorcery. It will have to work with just the Move (No Nav). I just don't see how Sony can steal the wii crowd with the Move. May be if they can buy exclusive rights to some of wii's big sellers (Just Dance and Epic Mickey). Improve the graphic and effect to thhe point where a wii version would be undesirable.

Ryudo2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

Am quite open minded about both motion controllers, not like most of the halfwits here on this site that believe only Move or Kinect can exists.

And to say Sony ain't trying to capture the casual market with Move would be a lie, but I don't believe that's there only focus will Move.

I Believe Sony is looking at the hardcore market with Move as well. And why I believe Kinect is certainly attracting more casual interest then Move it that doesn't mean there ain't a place in the market for Move.

It's sales numbers alone show it doing rather well, Do I think it will kill Kinect not a chance. Will Kinect kill Move I don't see that happening either both will find there respective markets and grow from them.

Sure Sony doesn't have that much at the moment to capture casual interest, question is do they really need to?

Dlacy13g2926d ago

If Sony wants Move to really take off they need to stop offering up all their great games with support for both controller types. There is truly no compelling game out there that only uses Move. Sony is trying to toe the line with Move support so as not to piss off the hardcore whom all pretty much have demanded that games support both controller styles. But this action in the long run will hurt Move.

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