Gran Turismo 5 ships 5.52 million in 12 days

It has been confirmed by Sony Computer Entertainment that Gran Turismo 5 has shipped 5.52 million copies of Gran Turismo 5 worldwide and proclaiming that Gran Turismo Franchise has a total 61.41 million cumulative worldwide sales. Thats about 5.52 million games in 12 days since release according to the press release of Sony. Here you will see the table that SONY provided.


Official Press Release of Sony regarding Gran Turismo 5:

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stonecold32925d ago

well done sony im glad and im happy to be part of it. peace out

Cevapi882925d ago

still got a long way to go...its only been about 3 weeks

JokesOnYou2925d ago Show
moegooner882925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

@JokesOnyou 1.25 million shipped include south america, read the article

Cyrax_872925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

400k was part of Nov NPD, which GT5 was out for, what, 4 days? Did you forget about the other week+ or did you think GT5 just magically stopped selling? lol

edit: I don't wanna get into this whole shipped/sold thing, but where in the article did Sony say it's shipped?

JokesOnYou2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

"1.25 million shipped include south america, read the article"

-yes I read the article, however south america still comparatively makes up a very small percentage of "North American" sales, meaning they typically sell around 10% or far less for the same games, leaving GT5 still a long way from 1.25mil for "sell through to consumer" since NPD is reporting 400k for the US.

-yeah Cyrax, its after 12days, so thats another 5days of sales added to the 400k sales NPD reported in for the first 7 days, so I'm guessing unlike all the other examples/games realeased this gen, GT5 sales conveniently more than tripled in the last 5 days vs the first 7 days, yeah OK lol

vvvvv @bunfighterii, I agree

vvvvv @Zeevious, You are correct both have great games, blah, blah, blah, never said they didn't, but thanks for the newsflash, and why is it OK for you and others to make BS statements in any 360 thread but when anybody makes OBVIOUS observations questioning sony its wrong. Go ahead check my post history, and call me whatever makes you feel better I'm still going to say what I think everytime I post whether it hurts fanboys feelings or not.

bunfighterii2925d ago

Shipped vs sold is a silly point anyway- as far as Sony is concerned they've sold this many units because the retailers bought them.

They're the supplier, that's the figure that matters to them.

Zeevious2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Jokes -- Convenient how you often forget so many facts when referring to anything PS3. Like a few days of sales-not all of them...the regions involved, channel stuffing as sold to retail (But it's ok for MS-Right?) and how consistently negative you paint everything Sony.

Why? Jokes On Who - Why?

Don't you realize a simple glance through your comment history shows you for who and what you are?

Why would I or anyone give any credibility or even consideration to your constant vaguely targeted bashing and convenient dislocation of "facts" that you then twist into a claim of truth?

Newsflash for you...
ALL consoles have great games.
ALL of them are fun AND have faults.
ALL gamers benefit for the very competition you criticize.

So, you've been corrected.
You absolutely know you are completely WRONG, as I have pointed out in your other comments...and

Where is your own respect for yourself or the community to say that? Where is your correction and your "Oh,'s 12 days...not an INTENTIONALLY abbreviated sales period just to make a subtly trollish point? I will trust Sony's 5.52 million sales figures before your 'fact-like' inaccuracies...and day.

I'm waiting...we all are.
So what exactly is your agenda here, because it's not discussion of actual gaming but seems to be nothing more than an instigator with half-facts filtered through directly and indirectly twisted lies.

I want to know, because I want to find out if the Jokes On Me -- Or the Jokes On You.

- - - - -

Again the tired "hurt fanboy" routine.

I am no fanboy...check my own record.

I believe everyone can have a great time on any console they choose. I may not like one game, or even acessory...but have routinely recommended 360's, PS3's and even the Wii to others because they all are different systems for different gamers.

You on the other hand speak for yourself in every comment here. I have never made any BS comments anywhere. I speak only from my own personal experience...and I speak very clearly.

You're idea of "OBVIOUS" observation is more like OBLIVIOUS to me. You go on and on about nothing...intentionally ignore, or otherwise omit facts and then claim they don't matter.

Read your own comments. I have and I also happen to be right.

Responding with 1/2 a truth, is not the truth.
Responding KNOWING you've left out 1/2 a truth is as bad a lie.

Point me to where I have ever done that and I will apologize to the community...right here and now, because I have enough self-respect to do so.

Here's your entire comment history:

Now JokesOnYou -- Where's your self-respect?

Cyrax_872925d ago

@ JoY

It's actually 8 days not 5. 400k - 1st 4 days with NDP. 4 + 8 = 12. Seriously, I thought you were one of the cool xbros but you're doing some major damage control right now.

GT5 has sold double of what GT5P sold in it's 1st month and GT5P's sitting on 5 million now. Face it GT5's selling well and it's on its way to 10 million+.

2925d ago
Bathyj2925d ago

HTF can it be channel stuffing when it says right there its shipped not sold.

Maybe you dont understand what channel stuffing is or the point of doing it.

Channel stuffing is shipping so many consoles just before christmas that you dont need to resupply them until April and then telling everyone you sold them all.

I'm no economist, I only know this because some sleazy company did it a couple years ago.

captain-obvious2925d ago

BUH BUH buh bu
teh pplz dat wants GT5 already has GT5:P

JokesOnYou2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

OK Cyrax its 8, either way its not helping your case or going against my point that theres a big gap between sony's shipped #'s and NPD #'s no matter how you spin it with the inclusion of South America(very small market) and +4 days, right?

Now I say you're wrong because I'm just stating the obvious question, and ask yourself if it was micro with the same report while with *independent data(NPD) showing a large gap, would this site not be going ape shiii asking the same questions but only with much heavier dose of hate?

"HTF can it be channel stuffing when it says right there its shipped not sold."

-lol, Bathy stop the semantics, we all know what channel stuffing is= OVER-shipping the demand, in order to *improve sales figures for the qtr, its a simple practice done by almost every manufacturer/business from time to time, INCLUDING MICROSOFT; sending thousands of retailers each, just 5 or 10 more units of product then they originally ordered can have a dramatic effect on a companies end of the qtr sales report, and its very rare that any major retailer would reject them, no they just simply adjust the paperwork and maybe order less stock in the next shipment if the product doesn't sell quickly.

Good Night Gentlemen.

pixelsword2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )


Like PHOENIX pointed out, Microsoft's console numbers say "shipped" as well; so how disappointing is that?

Cyrax_872925d ago

Joy, the difference between Sony's #s and NPD's #s is 800k. NPD covers 4 out of the 12 days of GT5's sales (which apparently sold 400k). Is it really THAT hard to believe that GT5 sold 800k in 8 days?

King-Leonidas2925d ago


dude just stfu your obviously clueless about what you're saying

ShinMaster2925d ago

What's your point?
You're trying way too hard. You really don't want this PS3 game selling that much, do you? How pathetic.

You're basically saying none of the sale numbers for any game are real. Or are you implying that only Sony is doing this for GT5? Lame argument.

Use some common sense.

nnotdead2925d ago

this is sad. no longer is it fanboy arguments, but just trolling. can't we wait until another vs story is posted to continue are silly console war arguments?

Zeevious2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

...and now this is the part of our program where Joke's runs away.

Faced with the daunting prospect of actual facts, and fingers pointing to his own conveniently left out assortment of them...

It's "OBVIOUS" that "Good Night Gentlemen" means it's all semantics, and really none of this matters because now it doesn't JUST apply to negative comments toward Sony!

If you really feel you're being persecuted by Fanboy's as you said, and it's all N4G fault...I'd check instead if it has something to do with leaving out 1/2 the facts, or knowing you're doing it.

Say what you think all you want...but first think what you'll say.

Otherwise...The Joke's you're playing, are OnYou

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nix2925d ago

i just went to 360 section and their top news are all about NPD and overrated games...

now, PS3 section, Uncharted 3 news, GT5... R3... wow. good luck to all those playing sales!

Exquisik2925d ago

I don't know where you guys get the shipped number from, but according to Sony's Official Report, it says sold.

Unknow_Master2925d ago

im part of the shipped one cause i didnt buy it.i download it and its not realistic at all . forza3 is this generation definitive driver simulator. wayy more realistic

nix2924d ago

that's what it says in the pdf file.

go figure!

Ravage272924d ago

it's hilarious how all the xbot retards swarm towards this article desperate for some damage control. And like retards, they babble on about how GT5 is 'irrelevant' , lost its dominance, etc. Fact remains: GT5 has outshipped GT5P in a single week. How many titles were able to ship more than 5million in a week? Yup that's a sign of an irrelevant series.

I know i'm dealing single digit IQ lowlifes here, but how many copies did flopza sold on its debut month in the US? It sold less than half of what GT5 did despite being the 360's strongest region with double the install base. GT5 slaughters it everywhere else.

I sense much fear from the 360 side, that or a severe lack of games to play has messed with their mind. Hell i would be cranky too if i'm stuck with having to stroke skittles for the whole of the next year.

snp2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )


they'd be shipped numbers, i'm sure.

No company can know how many of something has sold to users in first twelve days on day twelve (or 25 days on day 25 in case of Microsofts claims for Kinect).

Regardless of model numbers and purchase date links and all the other excuses, stores and corporations simply aren't that well networked.

If they - any company - say otherwise, they're simply telling porkies.

As for this 'channel stuffing' nonsense. A)400k in first four days is huge. B)it only includes North America as a figure (and not even Canada, unless i'm mistaken - though i may well be there), it certainly doesn't include Latin America, and C)there's this little thing called Christmas. Most games are front end loaded, but around Christmas month-on-month sales, even of big games, steady or increase their sales.

If something has done 400k in four days, then shipping 0.85 million for that territory and other areas not included in that number - in anticipation of the biggest month in the year - in the next eight days (and presumably to do until more shipments are required) isn't channel stuffing. It actually sounds like a very sensible assessment of quantities needed.

ComboBreaker2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

"But but but this... but but but that..."

Dude, what are you babbling about?
All you need to know is this:

5.52 million in 12 days.

See that? What? You didn't?
Oh, let me show you again.

5.52 million in 12 days.

Again, but this time, more slowly...


"But but but Sony must be disappointed..."

Again, it's 5.52 million in 12 days, dude, so of course Sony is happy as heck. Although I would understand if Microsoft is disappointed in Forza 3 though, considering that Forza 3, which cliam that itself is the "Definative Sim Racer", did not even manage to sell half of this 5.52 million number in its whole life time.

Anyway man, in conclusion:
5.52 million in 12 days.

HolyOrangeCows2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

"yes I read the article, however south america still comparatively makes up a very small percentage of "North American" sales"

NPD-loving fanboys love to ignore the "smaller" markets. It doesn't matter if every other region on the planet combined ends up being bigger than the US and UK market combined, so long as we can have a narrow mindset and ignore the "smaller" markets which OBVIOUSLY don't matter, even when added up.

callahan092924d ago

"So 1.25 shipped in North America but only 400k *sold in the US? hmmm, Something about that just doesn't sound right to me....that wouldn't be called channel stuffing would it?"

That 400k you're talking about is just what NPD reported through the end of November. There's been 2 more weeks of sales since those numbers, so obviously more have been sold in that time.

Death24942924d ago

So it's pretty much going to be 1.m in every region. While that's impressive, I can't wait until they announce a price drop. Seeing as how they got hit hard (in US), it's time to bring it down the consumer sweet spot. Wow Eu 3.03million? I guessing some of those are consoles too. Looks like Sony took Japan and EU. But Damn America surprised me.

onanie2924d ago

400K in 4 days, it is entirely conceivable that it would translate to 1.2mil in 12 days. Just a little present for JOY.

gamingdroid2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

At 400k units sold in 4-days is kind of weak considering this is the game everyone has been waiting for. The (the appearance of) anticipation seems this should have sold 1 million day-1.

Games like Halo: Reach sold 2-3 million copies day-1.

Not to piss on anyones parade, but it is what it is.

Now to put a little shame on the Xbox 360 fanboys parading right now, recall Forza 3 only sold 175k in it's first 4-5 days as well!

So yes, GT5 is stronger, but insignificantly stronger. One could argue with about two thirds the user base of Xbox 360 in the US and more than double the sale is a success for GT5 though....

However, not exactly platform destroying sales number. Not even close!

Shipped numbers means just what retailers are expecting in sales and since GT5 is released so close to Christmas that was most likely Sony's main holiday shipment i.e. the max number of units Sony expects to sell this Christmas.

jack_burt0n2924d ago

what joke cant understand is that every 360 title peaks in its first 12hrs on sale, a GT title will have serious legs, something he just cant compute.

OneSneakyMofo2924d ago

Haters gon' hate. 5.52 million in 12 days, but but but GT5 is a thing of the past.

onanie2924d ago


You are using gt5 npd numbers to compare with halo worldwide numbers. Disingenous would be a suitable description.

RemusN72924d ago

BTW I hope you all know that when MS reveals sales they are also talking about shipped games, as everyone does. So, everyone's argument "Oh it's shipped not sold" also applies to every other game, console... and, seeing how GT5 still shipped more units... think for a while.

likedamaster2924d ago


Don't bother, this is their only exclusive left for the year. They'll fight you till the bitter end, of low scores and bad US sales.

jadenkorri2924d ago

wow jokesonyou,
1.25 shipped and 400 k sold, where did these numbers come out of, how do you have 5 bubbles, oh wait one of those 360 fanboys who has multiple accounts i see, cause thats the only way.

gameraxis2924d ago

@ jokes on you.. and that's ur right to post, but using the words right and wrong to enforce ur OPINION is WRONG, u see even what u consider to be ur very insightful wisdom into reading comprehension, holds the same fidelity that those statements all the "fanboys" more, no less

Another point... there may have been 100 "sony fanboys" in these 360 articles ur reffering to bashing the 360, or what i assume in this case the battle between Forza3 and GT5... but unless u can remember the names of all or even one of those that were bashing, and address them individually, don't lump all positive talkers regarding GT or sony into the same group in this thread, most of them probably had nothing to do with bashing Forza or the 360, they're just expressing their love for a game and are excited that its doing well. whether its shipped or not shipped. Usually Units of any product shipped is based on a lot of math done by the maker of that product, so even then, you can bet sony doesn't want to loose money on making discs and boxes and shipping... so they probably have more insight than u or i on roughly how many will sell. By YOU being the one to question how many have actually sold vs shipped, you've become what u despise the most, in that ur trying to tarnish a great game that happens to be an exclusive which garnishes yourself a "fanboy" by your own definition... so by all means speak ur mind, hell i used to fight for your right to do so... but if u want credibility refrain from contradictory statements like the ones u made above.

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mike90772925d ago

My God thats ridiculous 5.52 mil in 3 weeks Jeezus

ajcastillo2925d ago

Its in 12 days, confirmed by the press released by SONY.

sunnygrg2925d ago

lol how he got 3 weeks from 12 days, I cannot tell.

mt2925d ago

math at its finest. i like the four agrees as well.
math is getting twisted.

SixZeroFour2924d ago

no one can deny that GT5 can do "halo numbers" now...congrats to pd and sony

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2925d ago
ChristianGamer2925d ago

Lol Sony feeding us shipped numbers again? We want to know how many people actually OWN GT5 and not how many you've shipped to stores

ComboBreaker2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

"We want to know how many people actually OWN GT5 and not how many you've shipped to stores."

Why? For a game like GT5, there's basically no difference between the two. The number of people who actually own GT5 is basically equal to the number of copies of GT5 shipped because GT5 IS THAT GOOD.

Koolno2924d ago

It's SOLD, just read the sony's report..

by the way, 360 numbers are "shipped", butthurt ?

AceofStaves2924d ago

Why the emphasis on "how many people actually OWN GT5"?
What difference does it make to you? If you own the game, and you're enjoying it, that's most important.

If you don't own the game, then you just want the numbers so you can do some virtual "chest beating" - either because it sold well, or some "gloating" because it didn't.

baodeus2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )


MS, Sony, Wii all report ship number as sold:

How about interpreting this:

"Beginning w/ Q1 FYO&, the method of reporting hardware and software unit sales has been changed from production shipments to recorded sales". Bottom of page 6 (link above). (under unit sell).

So does it say sell to actual customers or just renaming production shipments (which are shipment to retailers) to just sales?

How do we interpret this or where do people get the sales to actual customers from?

here some other questions to clarify that they all sold to retailers not customers.

1. So what do they report to shareholder, the sold to retailers or sold to customers?

2. When they report Sold to customers, is that the same number they are reporting to shareholders or do they report 2 different numbers (because i only see one report).

3. Do Sony/MS sell their unit directly to consumers or through retailers?

4. Can retailers consider customers?

5. Wouldn't all companies wanted to report higher number by reporting sold to retailers, a legit number that they can report to shareholder and also show potential growth, as appose to reporting lower numbers from sold to actual customers?

4. Why sony or Ms does not dispute NPD numbers (estimate) when they have accurate data that show higher numbers (NPD numbers will always be lower than Sony/MS report)?

5. Why do both Sony and MS still rely on NPD estimates, when they know better than NPD?

Try to answer those, and you see, they all report sold to retailers. Plus the link i post above prove that they only change the way they reporting shipment to just sales (because shipment is consider a sale).

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LogicalFanboy2924d ago

maybe im missing something but can anyone quote where it says "shipped" in da article. cuz all i see is SOLD!
and fo anyone doupting these #s as sold & want to keep reffering to NPD, u got to remember, GT5 launched November 24th & sold 1.2mil in 12 days but 400k in November's NPD which only covers 6 out of da 12 days, so more than likely this is sold.

Vherostar2924d ago

Forza 3 total worldwaide sales 3.73 million to date.. Thats just to put things in retrospective for all you people who like to compare. GT5 blew it out the water in 12 days. We can argue all day about shipping vs sold but in reality they are the same thing as there is no way to track actual sold units as too many retailers sell the games and don't report there sales to whomever so all numbers you ever see are shipped numbers. They also don't get shipped unless retailers ask for them.

Hard_Gay2924d ago

GT5 proves that old franchises that sold well on PS2 don't sell as well transitioning to the PS3. Fuck... :(

Sackdude2924d ago

Thats sold not shipped.

ngecenk2924d ago

hmm vgchartz put 2.9 in 2 weeks, thats a huge difference.

Sackdude2924d ago

Already passed Halo Reach's 1st month sales.

showtimefolks2924d ago

and its fine but when sony do oh its not sold that way xbox360's install base is at 30 how you gonna correct me?

out of 45million sold 10-15million dead systems but dumm parents oh cheap xbox360 lol damn broke again

GT5 sold more than halo REAC H deal with it or try to WAITE FOR IT reach it lol

Gt5 will sell 15million copies WW in 12months or make it 13months

Maddens Raiders2924d ago

200+ disagrees in the outset of a thread, most would be well aware that they have royally screwed up and need to stfu, but one troll in here is determined to get their point across & it's pitiful.


arika2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

kudos to sony and polyphony digital for a job well done! even with negative reviews(which I believe is a big conspiracy from the billion dollar man) this game is still rocking and ruling them all and I'm sure this game will have strong and long legs just like its predecessor(GT4) did and reach 50 million or more.

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Masamori Sumimura2925d ago

So what's the other thingy about 60Million?

ajcastillo2925d ago

Well this story is the real confirmation of SONY with the real charts, so.

PS3and4_HAS_GAMES2925d ago

thats the total for the franchise

sak5002925d ago

It's shipped you blind fanboys. They can dump 100million units in 2 months doesn't matter if it doesnt end up in a ps3.


their actual report CLEARLY states 45 million SHIPPED.

and you made me laugh calling others fanboys.....get a life

pixelsword2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

That was...



MaximusPrime2925d ago

sak500's PSN ID: "never"

clearly a fanboy himself

Thegamer412924d ago

From a business point of view, you think Sony will ship an amount they think they cant sell? So... tbh you're the blind fanboy.

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ajcastillo2925d ago

You know that shipped means that SONY SOLD THE GAME TO THE RETAILERS, is up to the retailers to see if they can manage to sell the game and have a retornable revenue per game sold.

A change in the wind2925d ago

Go back to your precious NPD article, the last bit of sanity you 360 sales fanatics can find.

5.5 million shipped will be 5.5 million sold one way or another. The days of PS3 exclusives "not selling" are done, get over it please.

bobbyluv2925d ago

its supply and demand they ship based on how much is wanted, so the game must be selling very well