Gaming Nexus: Apache: Air Assault Review

Gaming Nexus: "Even the most casual observer has seen a change in the nature of war themed video games over the past couple of years as the stranglehold that World War II had over the entire genre begins to loosen. Even the venerable Call of Duty series has shifted to a more modern type of warfare in the eponymously named Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. A sea change like this alters more than mere geography, or course. As the wide open battlefields of the past shift to urban and mountainous terrain, and the idea of total, all out war shifts to a far more restrictive set of rules of engagement designed to prevent the loss of innocent civilian life at all costs, the weaponry used has also changed, particularly when it comes to the air war. Gone are the iconic waves of heavy bombers chaperoned by hordes of protective fighters. Gone are the dogfights that pitted man against man, thousands of feet above the earth. Gone, in fact, is any kind of parity in the air at all. It has been replaced by an asymmetric battle of armored helicopters against ground-borne men and machines."

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