Gran Turismo series sales now exceed 60-million units worldwide

Cumulative worldwide sales for Digital Polyphonic/SCEA's car-life simulation Gran Turismo game franchise has exceeded 60-million units sold worldwide.

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deadreckoning6662923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Nope, get this outta here. It's well known that sales don't equal quality on N4G lol.

Heavy_Rain2923d ago

Yeah its well known deadreckoning666 is not a troll

nix2923d ago

that's the big news there folks!

start your engines.. because this ones gonna run thru every fanboys heart... especially right thru the IGN's.

Game-ur2923d ago

"Grant Turismo 5, the most recently-released entry into the franchise, has sold a reported 5.52-million copies"

5.52 million In a couple of weeks is rather impressive actually

Lord_Doggington2923d ago

haha, this is totally laughable and kinda sad. this includes all the games released on the original playstation, ps2, ps3, and psp?


MARIO has you beat, srry

Mr Tretton2923d ago

Mario has existed for many years more jackass. But I think you know that.

TenSteps2923d ago

And let's be fair Mario also has more games and appeals to children as well.

GT5 appeals to a lot of people but children I highly doubt it.

DigitalAnalog2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

And the sky is blue, the water is wet and the desert is dry.

Look at this:

NBA Live and Harry fricken' Potter had Halo beat.

**WTF: Ape Escape neck on neck on Gran Turismo?

-End of Line

Lord_Doggington2923d ago

that's exactly my point. why celebrate something like this when it's just moot. it just provides jerkoff material for fanboys and has no real value or merit.

Here's a fun fact for ya:

Grand Theft Auto also released in 1997.
Since then the franchise has sold over 90 million units world-wide. Congrats, GTA!

Unknow_Master2923d ago

well according to the figure in wikipedia the sims is waaay more hardcore than grand tourismo
oh and i see that forza is catching up wow just you wait till forza 4

peeps2923d ago

Do you know how long Mario has been going and how many games there has been...

In 2010 alone he stared in 4 games...

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N4GAddict2923d ago

They definitely deserved it

SactoGamer2923d ago

For the most part, yes they do.

stonecold32923d ago

congs pd well done sony i enjoyed gt5 60 million thats pretty big and proud that im part of the 60 million fans who brought gt games over time. well i guess its a bigger franchise than halo forza and gears combined together. peace out ?

sleepy32923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Well i would hope so, seeing as its been around for almost twice as long as halo, and about three times as long as gears and forza. Not to mention those games have sold to user bases of combined sales (xbox + 360) of less than the PS1.

Good news for the second best selling racing franchise ever. Just about 15 million more to catch mario kart, which interestingly has also only released 6 games throughout its history.

Edit: I do wonder what GT5 would be like if it was dedicated hardcore sim like Live for Speed or rFactor. I hope they go that way for GT6.

SixZeroFour2923d ago

not trying to take anything away, im just trying to clear something out to you stonecold3, but you realize that there arent exactly 60mil fans per se right? id say at the very LEAST, no less than 15 mil (cause of the highest sales numbers for one game) but also no where close to 60 mil

SoapShoes2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

As of Sept 2010 they had 56.3 million. I guess GT5 has sold around 4 million or more now!

*Edit* According to this site it has sold over 5 million worldwide! 5.5 million to be exact from Sony themselves!

SactoGamer2923d ago

It says that in this article, too.

SoapShoes2923d ago

Oops, I missed that part. Anyway the breakdown for how much it sold is in there.

Cyrax_872923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

"GT5 won't sell well cause the install base isn't as big"
"only shooters sell well now"
"GT won't sell cause Sony isn't dominant anymore"

ect. Looks like haters were wrong.


@ sleepy. Don't know why you're bringing other games into this at all. People said GT5 won't sell as good as the older titles, and that the older titles only sold well because of the big install base.

GT5 proves these haters wrong.

sleepy32923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Looks at GT5 week 1
Looks at Halo and CoD (PS3) week 1

looks like the haters weren't wrong.......

Only when you compare though. If you take this gens best sellers out of the equation (Which just happen to be shooters on BOTH consoles), it was a darn good opening week.

Koolno2923d ago

Dammage control power.

compare it to forza, not fps.

RememberThe3572923d ago

Thats a big ass number! It's about to be 70 million if I have anything to say about it!

El_Colombiano2923d ago

You're going to buy 10 million copies of GT5? lol

SactoGamer2923d ago

That's only....$599.5-million worth.

RememberThe3572923d ago

lol Your damn right! I'm about to get super rich and blow it all on GT5 games!

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