Americas Weekly Chart Week Ending 04th Dec 2010

Wii 590,510 (-13%) 37,235,238
DS 535,528 (-45%) 51,223,922
X360 450,101 (-30%) 27,413,035
PS3 210,044 (-44%) 17,007,384
PSP 60,940 (-34%) 20,341,141
PS2 28,922 (-37%) 52,557,493

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no_more_heroes2846d ago

give or take a million, right?

DiRtY2846d ago

Xbox 360: 1075k
PS3: 668k

Xbox 360: 1370k
PS3: 550k

VGC is run by a Xbox 360 fanboy confirmed. People on N4G told me so!!!!111

Vherostar2846d ago

Tehre not NPD numebrs they are the guesses from the analysts your using..

Cyrus3652846d ago

They probably need to have 360 even higher after their NPD report.

The Creep2846d ago

vg chartz is wrong. im pretty sure 360 out sold the wii

2846d ago
ssj2846d ago

Kinect has now exceeded 3 million.

TroyAndAbed2846d ago


I have four friends who bought Kinect.

Have any of them played it in two weeks? No... They bought it though...and that's the important thing! ^_^

Masterchef20072846d ago

true that is what really affects the numbers. Is when people buy things

mcstorm2846d ago

I think Kinect will get used more and more once the core games are out for it.

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