Sony to Announce Huge Exclusive Title This Weekend

Today, the gaming world saw the first announcement of Naughty Dog's Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, but Sony is also planning to drop another software bomb on the gaming world.

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The Hunter2928d ago

Maybe The Gateway or Jack and Daxter?

gtsentry2928d ago

jak and f'kin daxter i hope

beavis4play2928d ago

i'd LOVE for it to be jak and daxter........but i'd also be thrilled if it's syphon filter -

my moneys on syphon filter!

Nitrowolf22928d ago

perhaps the best VGA so far

Hoje03082928d ago

That's a relative term when referring to the VGAs.

Snoogins2928d ago

Yes, best VGA so far isn't very hard to accomplish. Beyond the world premiere trailers, the event is always a boring piece of shit with MOUNTAIN DEW mentioned every other word. Dane Cook must write the jokes because none of them are ever funny.

Hoje03082928d ago

I hope Dane Cook gets AIDS of the ass. If he doesn't have it already, that is.

jp_footy22927d ago

that is just plain wierd. omg, i can't believe i even read this stuff on the internet.

Buffniceguy2928d ago

Legend of Dragoon remake :) a man can dream.

TANUKI2928d ago

I would flip out of my chair, if that was announced :)

scar202928d ago

That or number two i still play the first one i can't part from it the battles are just awesome.

Kain812928d ago

Legend of dragoon Remake/Sequel, please i have been dreaming since 2000, Sony make it happen please