An Uncharted Movie Is Pointless

Uncharted 2 borrows a lot from film. In fact, in many ways, it is a film. This begs the question: Do we really need a movie adaptation?

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jriquelme_paraguay2927d ago

and i think this article is pointless..
so, with this logic: no MGS movie?

The main reason why is an excelent idea to make the Uncharted Movie, is because, the game is cinematic.

Nitrowolf22927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

well i find MGS and UC movie idea a bit different.

UC is perfect as a game, i can't really see it being a kickass movie especially with this type of plot, that's one of the reason why it's such a bad idea. In a sense we have already seen Uncharted type of movies before, but for gaming this is the type of treasure hunting game we all been wanting. Now seeing Drakes family and such without them even being in the game or mentioned just seems like they are trying to take something from the story that isn't there at all. It makes it seem that this film doesn't have any connection other then the names and treasure. I mean didn't the director want to make Drake some kind of cop??????

MGS a bit differently. Yeah we have spy movies and everything, but the MGS universe is so big and offers much more then most of those movies. But the only way i would truly approve of a MGS movie if Kojima and David had a part in making the film. It's been hinted that they will, which gives it hope. See Kojima could make the movie how ever he wants considering that Snake is in fact a clone of big boss, and that also there has been other snakes before. Which means that the story doesn't need to be so strict, it's kind of open.

Also the game being cinematic is what makes it so attractive. I didn't feel that MGS was Cinematic like Uncharted, Uncharted series it's almost like you are there considering that at most part it's all playable, MGS has a deep story that draws you in, year long cutscenes and everything but this was the draw point, the deep story and explainations and everything.

And also for me, a MGS movie would be badass, but an UC movie (to me) wouldn't even interest me that much.

- Ghost of Sparta -2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

To be honest I hope they cancel the Uncharted movie. They're gonna ruin it, this I know. Just stick to the games. They're better than any action movie anyway.

Edit: SMFH @ Mark Wahlberg as Nathan Drake. Guy can't act and has an extremely annoying Boston accent. Please cancel the Uncharted movie. Seriously. Kill it.

Nitrowolf22927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

"year long cutscenes"

dammit, i wish i could still edit, what happened with the 30 minute rule?

Why does Hollywood always have to take something so successful in gaming and turn it into movie.

Omar912927d ago

you sir know what your talking about. i completely agree. Uncharted is already a movie in my opinion. MGS is also a movie to me, but the game like you said offers so much more then the basic plot of treasure hunting in a movie that a MGS movie can actually work if done properly. Im not saying uncharted has a bad story because it obviously doesnt. But to make it into a movie that is just to much. the game already has a home, dont try to place it into another one.

tacosRcool2927d ago

Maybe if the director of the Uncharted movie decided to make his own version of Drake, complete with a whole new back story and all. Usually when directors want to make video game movies and change everything about the game they want to make into a movie, they usually SUCK. So there is no point of making an Uncharted movie since it won't have ANYTHING to do with the Uncharted series.

BattleAxe2927d ago

Unless its directed by Steven Speilberg, its pointless. But a Killzone movie directed by George Lucas would be freakin awesome.

jony_dols2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

David O Russell the director has worked with Mark Wahlberg 3 times.

His first movie with him, 3 Kings, received a unprecedented fresh score of 93% on rotten tomatoes....and their latest collaboration 'The fighter' has received a scored a very good 77%. (the film itself according to RT is being tipped for a nom at the oscars, while Amy Adams is supposedly a shoe in for best supporting actress for her role in it)

Which btw is a far better recent track record than George Lucas ^ has had recently.

Also with a Joe Pesci and a De Niro reunion being heavily hinted at (by Wahlberg himself), this film has buckets of potential.

And don't bring up Max Payne as an excuse against Wahlberg.
That film was scripted by and directed by a first time director whose only prior credits was commercials. You can only do so much when your working with a butchered script and have no direction to guide you...

When Martin Scorsese casted Wahlberg in the Departed, you know the guy has talent.

MariaHelFutura2927d ago

Why is there so much hate towards an Uncharted movie?

Sadie21002927d ago

I think because the game is so well done, Hollywood can't help but mess it up. They have nowhere to go but down.

SpartanPrince2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

-The director(from what i have heard) hasnt made a good movie in forever.
-Mark Wahlberg is Drake and not Nathan Fillion
-Addition of unnecesary characters
-Who is playing these unnecesary characters(DeNiro and Pecsi)
-the plot is around drake and his family becoming "cops" that try to protect treasures

Does that answer your question?

ReservoirDog3162927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Wait wait wait wait wait. Deniro and Pesci are coming out in Uncharted!? Seriously? That's not exactly a bad thing. God knows they can act.

And David O. Russell hasn't made a good movie in years? Have you looked at what he just made? The Fighter! That's probably gonna win Best Picture or at very least nominated for it. And it's starring Mark Wahlberg too. Who's probably getting another nomination for The Fighter.

Protecting treasures I don't know. Drake tries stopping the bad guys from using the cursed treasures in Uncharted 1&2. Probably isn't that bad.

I haven't payed attention to all this Uncharted movie talk cause I wrote it off as guaranteed terrible but God. It actually sounds like it has potential from your list of supposed negatives.

And I never heard of that guy you said should play Drake so I don't know.

edit: And no random disagrees. Speak your mind if you disagree with me on this. I really don't know much about this movie so maybe you guys know a fact that I don't. Seriously. Not being sarcastic.

MariaHelFutura2927d ago


Yes, that answers it clear. F**k the Uncharted Movie. We need to stop this.

xXxSeTTriPxXx2927d ago

give it to steven spielberg.

stevenhiggster2927d ago

^^ Yeah because his recent offerings have been awesome /s

DigitalAnalog2927d ago

Of all the videogame adapatations, Uncharted is the ONLY video game that you really cannot go wrong. It's almost like making an Indiana Jones movie out of an Indiana Jones book.

But like always, the director selfeshly treats it like a video game only to taint it with his "Hollywood" methods. Ironically, the game takes que from "Hollywood" scripts. Despite this "no-brainer" ace-in-a-hole-easy-to-adapt-on ce-in-a-lifetime video game that can SUCCESSFULLY be transfered into a movie, a LOT of people do not feel comfortable about this. And that's when you know, Hollywood is really going to f*ck things up.

Put it this way. If this movie blows, do NOT expect any future game-to-movie titles to be successful. EVER!

-End of Line

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bbretterson2927d ago

I dunno. I think Uncharted actually lends itself well to a movie. And it David O. Russell actually sticks with it, this could very possibly be a great movie.

Ninver2927d ago

LOL i bet the same people would love to see a Gears of War movie with a mediocre script.

madjedi2927d ago

They tried it with doom, i thought they learned guess not.

dkgshiz2927d ago

This movie will probably suck. Just like every video game movie. Imagine if Uwe Boll directed it?!

problemchild842927d ago

yea i was just thinking of Uwe Boll, he's terrible!! Also Paul W. S. Anderson has made some really bad video game movies, so i guess this could be worse

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