As the Wii threatens to overtake the 360, what now for third-party publishers?

"To put it bluntly, there are many people in third-party development and publishing who won't be terribly happy to see Nintendo out in front. There is a perception in the industry that the success of a Nintendo platform is not necessarily followed by success for publishers who support that platform - and as a result, many would prefer to see the continued dominance of the PlayStation platform, which is perceived as more conducive to third-party success."

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bung tickler4090d ago (Edited 4090d ago )

The gamec... sorry Wii is NOT NEXT GEN! It’s no more powerful than the original Xbox... it has no freaking legs... NONE! In reality people want something that will last them 5 years+ the Wii was outdated the day it launched... the only thing it has going for it is its price. People, dumb people, THINK they are getting a next gen machine for cheap... what they fail to realize is they are getting old tech in a new form factor; the Wii is a dust collector not a game system. Sure you might take it out and dust it off 3 or 4 times a year to play your Zeldas, your Marios, or your Metroids, but past that it’s got nothing. IT CAN'T DO HD! It can't move forward even if it wanted to, it can't do what the 360 or PS3 can. And you know what? The 360 and the PS3 could easily do what the Wii does all it requires is a bundled motion controller with a game. Oh but you say those bundles never work. Really... look at Guitar Hero, if the game is good it will work. The Wii hasn't got sh1t but fanboys, 8 year old little kids, grandmas and hippies buying it. It’s a fad it will pass. It has no choice but to.

And before I go, here’s something to chew on, if the Wii is so great and people play their Wii so much after they buy it where are the game sales? If it has as many systems out there as the 360 (I'm not saying it doesn’t) then it should sell as many games as the 360 does. IT DOESN'T! Not even close. The best selling game is the one bundled with it followed by a game bundled with a FREE $50 remote. What does that say?

Now with that said... I own ALL of Nintendo's systems from the NES to the GameCube and I also own a DS Lite that replaced my GBA, but you won't see my buying a Wii. Why? Because I bought that hardware last gen.

Biasmania4090d ago

Now see I am going to jump in here and latch on with the 360 owners here. As a PS3 owner I want to say that the Wii is a fad and nothing more, I want to say the same thing that they gave us last time, only with a pointy stick, I want to say that it will fade and die off, and Microsoft and Sony can get back to busting each other up, but I am afraid that isn't the case.

Nintendo has now done the same thing in the console market they did for the handheld market. They throw out a hardcore bone (Metroid, Mario, Castlevania), to make a few of us want to play, but throw out some silly little game with puppies, and sell a trillion of them. It appeals to grandmas, kids, and well pretty much everyone. Somehow it has just latched on.

I don't know how they do it. But I can't see this going away anytime soon, hell they got 69 year old women playing this thing. As well as 4 year olds. And those people could care less about High Def, and 16 player online games. I want to see how well Nintendo holds people off once the 360 and the PS3 hit a more attractive price range.

MK_Red4090d ago

bloody diarrhea, you spoke from my heart! Bubbles for you.
Wii was supposed to extend the market but so far it has stolen PS3 and 360 potential owners who think they have a cheap and motion sensing next-gen console. WAKE UP! PS2 is getting motion sensor!

Daewoodrow4090d ago

Well said, have a bubble.
Don't worry, the new bubble system means you can't lose bubbles just for stating your opinion.

thisisim4090d ago


I happen to love all three consoles. They all have their pros and cons. The PS3 is awesome for it's blu-ray abilities and it's getting some great games. The 360 has a great library and a great online system. The Wii is innovative (if you think that the only thing that entitles a system to be innovative is processor speed and number of cores, bus bandwidth, and memory, oh, and how many pixels you're putting on the screen, don't bother to finish reading this comment) with it's new approach to gaming, small form factor, power consumption, implementation of ideas not normally used in gaming, and gaming styles.

More than one type of console can exist at the same time. If more developers develop for the Wii, it will likely be because that's what the market dictates. Not everyone prefers horsepower as all-important and just because you see nothing of value in the Wii doesn't mean it isn't there.

And you're lumping millions of people into your "people, dumb people" approach. When you start to notice that most of everyone around you is dumb, it's time to start analyzing yourself and your own perspectives a bit. It'd be a sorry world if we all had the same perspective (even on gaming).

And what makes a hardcore gamer? What type of game you like? How long you spend at it?

It may help to broaden your view a bit (as well as your tolerance level for dumb people who don't like what you do).

You might be surprised as well to find that most consumers buy the Wii because they actually want it. I have a tougher time selling my PS3 or 360 to visitors than my Wii (and I'm talking adults, not just pre-teens and teens who already play games). Everyone seems to love it.

@assassin below
The Wii is still selling more than the other two consoles combined. Pretty big bug. Good luck ramming that thing.

@all listed above
Why don't you guys (or boys - I don't know how old you are) go home and play the games you like on the systems you like and quit hating everyone and everything different? If the Wii dies, fine, it would probably be because it wasn't what people wanted and something that fit what they wanted was readily available. However, I still can't find them on store shelves so I don't really think you have much of a leg to stand on here.

Daewoodrow4090d ago

thisisim, i'm afraid i'm not interested in indulging any common pro-Wii arguments, and i'm not touching your "most people aren't stupid" argument with a barge pole.
I will tell you that I take no enjoyment out of the thought of a product failing and going out of business. In simple terms,
I don't want to see the Wii die.
I agreed with what he said because the whole "the Wii is inovative" thing came straight from the collective mouths of Nintendo marketing. I will eventually buy a Nintendo Wii myself, when I have more disposable income, but I will not insult my own intelligence by buying into the innovation cry.

A motion sensing remote is not "innovative". It is a gimmick. It makes people say "wow!", and it makes playing the Wii completely idiot proof. Because any (healthy) human being has the ability to move their arms. Two year olds, sixty year olds, incompetent morons, they all know how to move their arms and respond to stimuli. And that's all it requires to play the Wii. Without the motion sensing remote, the Wii would have been a mediocre games console at best.

It is one form of videogaming that any idiot can do, and therefore it is cool.
When I buy a Wii, it will be because the Wii has good games on it. Not because "Nintendo are innovative!!!!"

I have NOTHING against people who buy Wiis, but I have a distinct lack of respect for gullability.

thisisim4090d ago

Well I'm just glad you're not gullible enough to buy into any marketing propaganda (unless of course it comes from a system you approve of).

Again, I like all systems and become less tolerant of those who refuse to "live and let live." Please enlighten me as to why the other systems are innovative.

Online development - I agree. This is somewhat innovative (though an obvious move from last generation). All three systems have it though.

Consolidation of products - may be considered innovative, though it has a long history and was also a pretty obvious move.

Faster system - so innovative. All three are faster. All three have significant innovations in the hardware department. Can you imagine if everyone said the XBox 360 wasn't "next gen" because it's the same size as last gen systems? If they optimized what you value, it's "next gen" and innovative, otherwise it's a gimmick. I think I understand now.

HD - please. All we're doing is changing the resolution. I can write a program in less than an hour to change an input signal to any output resolution you specify and it would hardly be innovative. Multiple cores take innovation, as does improving pipelining and widening datapaths though they're all hardware and software innovations that are implemented into gaming and not necessarily innovations on gaming directly.

Control system that forces developers to re-think how they develop a game - unarguably innovative. The PS3 had the chance to implement a little bit of motion sensing into their controller as well and good for them. Rumble was innovative when it was added to controllers, though arguably gimmicky as well. When your system of choice makes people say "Wow" or if they find it intuitive, do you consider it gimmicky? To do something drastically different from competitors is innovative. The definition of innovation is to add something new and different. To say the Wii isn't innovative and the other systems are is ignorant.

Or does the system have to be exclusive and difficult to operate? Is it the Wii's accessibility that strips it of innovation? And is it your opinion that only idiots find the Wii entertaining?

Apparently the majority of the world is both stupid and gullible and us gullibles are sorry to lose your highly-esteemed respect.

dantesparda4090d ago

"The Wii hasn't got sh1t but fanboys, 8 year old little kids, grandmas and hippies buying it. It’s a fad it will pass. It has no choice but to."

Where are all these "Wii" fanboys you talk of? I barely see them, all i see are 360 & PS3 fanboys everywhere i look. And "hippies"? where the fvck are you looking? Do hippies even exist anymore? i mean really! And its a "fad"? well that fad is kicking your systems a$$ (and i own a 360). So stop hating so much you damn fanboys, cuz it just makes you's look like the fanboys you's really are.

Oh and "Thisisim", great fvcking posts! Kudos man! But these fanboys will never understand. They cant see past their own biases

Daewoodrow4090d ago

Your arguments are based on alot of assumptions. I noticed this quite early on in your first post, but it appears to have continued into your second.
First of all, you assume I am gullible enough to believe every other system's propaganda. An unsubstantiated claim at best.
Then you assume I think the other systems ARE innovative? Do you make this stuff up as you go along? "Innovation" is a marketing word. It remains a marketing word even when applied to the other consoles.

And then, with not so much an assumption as a blatent lack of a grasp of my entire argument, you form the conclusion that "He said idiots can operate the Wii, therefore he said everyone who enjoys the Wii are idiots".

You even went so far as to throw another Nintendo marketing buzzword at me - accessible.

I seriously doubt you managed to provide a counter-argument for anything I said, and your entire argument is based on proving to me that the Wii is the most innovative console. Of course the word innovative COULD be used to describe the Wii motion sensors.

That was never the point though was it? In this case, the word innovation is synonymous with the word "gimmick", they are using this so called innovation to sell you a mediocre console. A cheaply produced, low tech device that can sell to the mass market.

Not everybody who buys a Nintendo Wii is a moron, and not everyone who buys a Nintendo Wii is gullible. After all, I did clearly say I would buy one myself, and I seriously doubt I would ever insult myself. But the fact that you have the gall to stand there quoting the Nintendo marketing lines to me in an argument for why the Nintendo Wii is as good as the others consoles?
The YOU clearly are gullible. Equally gullible as those who quote things like "Jump in!!" or "Play B3yond!!"

I part with my money on a games console because it looks fun, not because it's "innovative, ergonomic and accessible!!!"

unsunghero284090d ago (Edited 4089d ago )

How bloody diahrrea got 19 agrees and everyone else anti-Wii has 5 at most?

Here's an N4G article for yeh:

Well... Interesting point.

I think what people mean is that bundled controllers never really sell outside of the games they're in. So sure, MS or Sony could package Wii-motes in games. The problem is it would cost $100 and would make them look like they are finally bowing down to the little white box that could.

Plus, the Wii can release ALL of its high-profile titles with the Wii remote capability. Halo 3, MGS4... the games people really care about on the other consoles won't come out with motion sensing or IR. Maybe a little game here or there could, but it won't be a standard.

And again, if MS and Sony made Wii remotes they would both completely idiotic. If Nintendo made a higher-def Wii (which, BTW, will likely happen) then they're not actually stealing anyone's idea.

bung tickler4089d ago

"The 360 and the PS3 could easily do what the Wii does all it requires is a bundled motion controller with a game. Oh but you say those bundles never work. Really... look at Guitar Hero, if the game is good it will work."

So if your only selling point for the Wii is that it is innovative becuase of the motion controlls, the 360 and the PS3 could easily do that themselves. However the Wii can NOT do what the 360 or PS3 can.

thisisim4089d ago

I'll make this brief since you're not addressing any arguments that I post - the Wii focuses on different things than the other two - things that you don't find valuable and that's fine. It's not just the motion controls. Read my post and try to address something if you want to reply.

thisisim4089d ago

(oops, hit reply too early) I also think it's funny that you dismiss the innovation argument saying innovation is unimportant rather than posting a valid argument.

Please stop insulting me and anyone else who is different from yourself.

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ASSASSYN 36o4090d ago

For a 360 gamer such as myself the impending reign of the wii is like a big bug(wii) heading towards my dodge charger(360) as I drive at 40+ mph down a country road. I see the bug it is insignificant yet in my way. Being my car is a charger I press on due to my lack of physical response to avoid said bug from hitting my windshield.

As I continue the inevitable is bound to happen does with a splat. Not a crash, not a broken window but just a little splat that will be washed away with the blood of victims in Halo 3.

Maddens Raiders4090d ago (Edited 4090d ago )

we don't agree on much, but one thing is for sure, the wii will pass. I'm just fascinated to see how gaming in my lifetime has voluntarily "dumbed itself down". And I don't want to talk about the 'kid' aspect as a babysitter - that's just too easy.

Some people can't imagine that it will eventually fade right now, but it will. Clever idea - cool, cheap concept with a nifty controller, but nothing that any woman lovin' red-blooded male over the age of 20 can go out and proudly brag about to their friends. Why is that every person I hear that has one says...yeah I play it but not for long periods of time or it's because of my girlfriend or wife, etc..., or I play it at a party?

Friends, this is the definition of a niche machine. A machine that will move along into it's rightful place of obscurity on the gaming horizon. 3rd party devs don't know what to do w/ this thing, and if they do, they have to get special permission from uncle Miyamoto just to blow their noses. Gamecube trail anyone?

I loved Nintendo growing up -- hell played it until my eyes bled ( I loved Top Gun and Kid Icarus, Kid Niki, Commando, Rush-n-Attack, whew! just to name a few)right along with my Sega systems, but there is nothing compelling on this system compared to the Microsoft and Sony machines nowadays. Yes, call me crazy, but graphics DO matter in my I have grown as have my desire to play more games with better graphics, sounds, abilities, etc. I think 3rd party developers know that too.

How many MEtroid Primes are out there. Nintendo better pump the hell out of the 1st party stuff if this is all there is.

dantesparda4090d ago (Edited 4090d ago )

Nothing like some Wii news to get the PS3 and 360 fanboys agreeing, eh? But remember, that's your sworn enemy you're starting to sleep with there. Anyways, i too am a graphics whore and am not impressed by the Wii (although i do and did want to see, Zelda, Metroid, SSBM, Kart and Galaxies). But i dont knock it. Why? cuz i really dont care about it like that. So if it does good, then it does good. Good for Nintendo, and if it does bad then it does bad, and it doesnt bother me either way. Personally i am happy for Nintendo, and feel bad for Sony, however, Sony is getting exactly what it needs. A good ole slice of humble pie, slapped in its face by MS. Those muthafvckas thought they were unstoppable. Now look at them, struggling their a$$ off. Although the 360 fanboys may not think so, i think that MS has done the most right things for gaming since Xbox 1. But that doesnt mean that i am going to kiss their a$$ and love everything they do. But anyways, stop hating, and just play your games, people. BTW, i think Metroid looks really good, im half way through it. And no, i dont own a Wii

Maddens Raiders4089d ago (Edited 4089d ago )

I don't care if the wii dies or doesn't die and I don't 'hate' it. I just think it is a distraction to the progression of better graphics audio and power in video game applications. Yes they are catering to a specific sect of err ummm "casual" casual gamers, but A LOT of those people will never pick up and play Ace Combat 6, R6V,Motorstorm, Madden, COD4, Forza, GT or MGS4. It's just not going to happen and the few that will are exactly that -- few.; just to name a few.

As far as 'sleeping w/ the enemy" I dunno about that. I don't hate MS I just hate MS's arrogant lying and denying and the attitudes of [their] true followers that act and behave as if they have been around for 'years' and are the undisputed 'kings' of gaming. That just nonsense and that's why I express what I do, how I do.

You say Sony is 'getting what they deserve' & I don't know about all that. You say that you feel that Xbox did the most for gaming -- well with that same logic dante, you can't bring yourself to say that surely SNE did the same thing with the PS1, PS2, and lets not even talk about how Kutaragi changed the scene altogether in the early nineties w/ a little something called the SuperDisc? Anyway that's it. btw - Sony PlayStation Consoles - still are the all time leaders; there's no getting around that. The Nintendo Wii's future is...............

razer4090d ago

@#2 and #3 - You guys both described how I feel about this perfectly.

Bubbles for both of you!

unsunghero284090d ago (Edited 4090d ago )

I think the Wii is much less evil than everyone tries to make it seem.

Its motion sensing is actually quite cool and as we're seeing in games like Metroid Prime 3, it can provide an experience that is significantly superior to the controls of games on other consoles. With Super Smash Bros Brawl and Super Mario Galaxy coming out, in addition to a slew of third-party stuff, the Wii has some of the best games of this year (and this gen) for an attractive price.

As for the graphics debate: If Nintendo had made an HD machine with dual analog controls then they would be losing. Hard. If you think about it, if Nintendo didn't have a Wii this gen then by next time they would be out for the count.

And no, I don't think Wii will be a fad. The very second that the Wii starts to slow down- which, for what it's worth, won't be for a while- Nintendo will probably come out with a brand spankin' new SKU, a la DS Lite. High definition and hard drive are probable.

I also am aware that a lot of people don't see the Wii as competition in the next gen war. The truth is, the "next gen war" is getting really old, and if anyone really cares about how things sell more than what games are available then you should get your head checked. I own a Wii because it has the games that most excite me. Simple as that.

BrotherNick4089d ago

You guys really need to try metroid...once fps games with these controls come out consistently like xbox360 you'll love it, I swear on my life.