On Sale Next Week in North America

Here is the list of games supposedly coming out next week starting on tuesday, but you know what usually happens, a few last minute delays are always bound to happen. So what will you be getting?

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orange143964d ago

I lol'ed at the PC games... I haven't heard of like all of them. :P (except for Oblivion of course... :P)

ATLRoAcH3964d ago

I want heavenly Sword myself but......I'm broke.Oh so sad.Someone get it and let me borrow it,I'll give it back......I Promise.LOL

cooke153964d ago

Maybe if i could afford a ps3 id let you borrow heavenly sword :)

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3964d ago

This is for the 10th to 16th right? If so where is .hakc//g.u vol.3? Its due out on the 10th.

gamesR4fun3964d ago

meh pretty quiet week good thing since Im still tapped from Warhawk Lair and Bioshock.
Well another hour or two of gaming b4 I crash.

cooke153964d ago

i see a lot of good games on there :| ill be getting guilty gear for wii ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.