NPD software sales

Actual NPD software sales numbers for Donkey Kong Country Returns, Gran Turismo 5, and Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood.

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boogeyman9992928d ago

Everyone was going nuts about the GT5 sales but they seem fine to me. :)

NYC_Gamer2928d ago

the game has sold good for its short time on the market

RememberThe3572928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

This is Gran Turismo 5 we're talking about! SCEA completely dropped the ball on this game. It sold like 2 and a half million copies is Europe but it can't move past 500k in the states? That's a failure to launch for sure. Sony's delays have bit them in the ass so many times, you'd think they would have figured out a way to avoid this buy now.

This was Sonys holiday season game and SCEA couldn't get the hype up enough. All Sony has besides this is Move, and that is supposed to be a slow burner. It's just kind of lame that SCEA can't seem to get more mainstream people excited for their biggest games. It always seems to come down to us to hype their games for them...

Don't get me wrong this is great for any other game, and we all know it will do astronomical numbers. But for a GT game is just seems a little underwhelming.

Either way the game is sick go buy it if you haven't.

@below: I wouldn't say I have a problem, but I just feel like I need to counter all this over optimism. So many people talk a bunch of shit before the game launch like how it would destroy Halo Reach and shit like that. Now their back peddling and that just seems lame to me. I talked a whole bunch of shit, but I'm going to own up and admit that the game didn't perform the way I expected. I guess I just want more people to have enjoyed this game. It's just so damn good.

itchy182928d ago


what the hell is your problem man?

jriquelme_paraguay2928d ago

360 owns Usa...
for me, 400k is a real good number for a Ps3 exclusive in america.

and remember. GT5 have long legs... and 4WD traction

DigitalAnalog2928d ago

That, and the lack of proper advertisements and most possibly, review scores affecting purchases.

But we all know where the majority of the fanbase comes from. Asia and Europe.

-End of Line

Bathyj2928d ago


Well I never talk up sales, I only talk up quality, so for me GT has performed exactly as I'd liked.

I dont think I've put so many hours into a game in 2 weeks since GT3.

As for sales, well what are you gonna do. You cant stop Americans for being American. If they prefer Black Ops or NFS, so be it, I dont really care. Its their loss, not mine. You cant blame SCEA for not hyping it enough. People are pretty set in their ways are going to do what they do. I dont think I've ever bought a game because I liked a commerical.

MariaHelFutura2928d ago

GT5 is one of the best games ever made IMO.

deadreckoning6662928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

"what the hell is your problem man?"

The only "problem" here is that MANY(I could name names if you'd like and I have the quotes to back it up) on N4G arrogantly stated that GT5 would destroy every other game this year saleswise and review-wise...but now these SAME people are backpeddling upon coming to the realization that they were full of crap.

The SAME people who are NOW saying, "Hey, who cares what everyone thinks, GT fans love the game" are the SAME people who didn't respect Forza fans for loving Forza, Halo fans for loving Halo, COD fans for loving COD, and Gears fans for loving Gears.

Hope that clears things up champs :)

zeeshan2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Most of you idiots don't seem to remember that GT5 launched in the fourth week of November! 400K sales in one week is freakin' brilliant!!

snipermk02928d ago

what the hell is wrong with u retards? That number for GT5 is only for like 5 days since GT5 released on the 25th of november. Sheesh! Fanboys, i tell ya!

Game-ur2928d ago

@RememberThe357,deadreckoning6 66
no back peddling, Everyone said it will sell big halo like numbers worldwide and it did. And its few who badmouth halo because it’s a good game, and a lot hate COD because its average and overrated, and the dislike comes from both 360 and PS3 fans.

nnotdead2928d ago

only a short period of time, but i was expecting higher sales. maybe its because of all the confusion with the release date, or maybe because GT was released during Thanksgiving. would like to see the numbers for next month, to see if either is the case, or if GT has lost its selling power in the US. if i had to guess, i would say its a mix of the first two. i know i wasn't able to pick my copy up until a week after the release.

N4g_null2928d ago

The elephant is dkc returns. It came out after gt5 and still beat it. It's way more fun also. I mean this stuff is called video games not video sims.

After all of those hype list only one has come out for the holidays it seems. That's almost n64 quality isn't it and sequels to stuff most gamers didn't like isn't working hey but it's quality. I wonder what the ps4 will have on it? Lbp6, kz7, gt8? There is a neo geo type situation brewing here. Oyeah most gt ps2 owners stopped gaming fully. They usually say stuff like I grew up and have a family. That is what hurt gt5 sales in the states. You can tell this when looking at some ps3 fans comments.

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Sackdude2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Its 400K in one week only in North America (NPD)

While in Europe/Japan it sold over 2.5 million in first week.

MS lovers don't be sad, this is the truth your 360's major game sells good in US and PS3's major game sells good in Europe/japan.

shikamaroooo2928d ago

In Other Words It Outsolds Forza 3's Life Time Sales In A Week

RememberThe3572928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Pretty much...

I think Turn 10 got served a slice of humble pie. But they probably wont eat it anyway.

Mystogan2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Halo: reach sold 3 million first day...
Fable 3 sold 1 million first day..

The reason those sales are disappointing is because its Sony's biggest franchise.
I even heard ppl say it would outsell halo:, I think Uncharted 3 is more likely to do it then GT5..seriously.

mfwahwah2928d ago

Well don't forget that GT5 already sold a million copies, at least, in Prologue format.

That's pretty significant that they paid off the game before it was released haha.

morganfell2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Not much for races or activities that last more than 5 minutes are you. People have stated clearly that GT5 sales over time, it has long legs, etc etc etc etc etc etc. But you won't listen. No sense in trying to explain endurance to you.

Dark-Cloud42928d ago Show
catguykyou2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

"halo reach is sucks , and people bought it just because it have halo name , just like all the other halo games , all of them are the same !! .. " are making this argument in defense of GT? Not saying this is a bad thing as many people on this site have stated that they enjoy this, but GT hasn't changed since the first one. It's essentially the same game every time with a new mode and updated graphics/ changed car list.
Now this doesn't make the game bad cause even though the experience is the same with each game, it is a good experience. So how can you say one game being the same every time is bad while defending a game that is....the same every time?

Also it's hard for anyone NOT to go to GT5 articles when this site dedicates an entire tab to the game itself.

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MostJadedGamer2928d ago

The simple fact of the matter is that racing games even GT5 are no longer big in the US, and certainly cann't compete with the likes of COD or AC.

With Black Ops, and Brotherhood both coming out 2 and 1 weeks before GT5 it never had a chance against those heavy hitters.

JasonPC360PS3Wii2928d ago

According to PS3 boys GT5 was supposed to outsell Halo (any halo) in one day.

DK_Kithuni_712928d ago

Here is the official press release from Sony:

GT sold over 60 million units worldwide. Amazing!

N4g_null2928d ago

The problem is Sony needs new ips that can sell like marios and halos as exclusives

Christopher2928d ago

400k for a few days is good, but I still think European sales of the game will at least double that of the U.S.

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dtrain212928d ago

360 version

COD:BO about 7mil out of 8.4mil

AC:B about 750,000 out of 1.14mil

RememberThe3572928d ago

And 360 owners aren't shooters fans...

8.4 million people got suckered into a crappy shooter. Honestly I had more fun with Singularity.

Christopher2928d ago

PS3 and 360 both have charts lead by shooters. Kind of a weird statement to make when both consoles have shooter fans in large quantities.

Having said that, no clue what dtrain21 is trying to say. If you're trying to say that 7m out of 8.4m CoDBO sales are on the 360, you're wrong. Same with your AC:B numbers.

CoD:BO -- ~8m on 360 vs. ~6m on PS3
AC:B -- ~1.5m on 360 vs. ~1.5m on PS3

MostJadedGamer2928d ago

that 360 COD number is totally and completely false.

Damiann2928d ago

lol, why do you making up these numbers? Black Ops sold around 2 million on the first day in the states on the PS3!
How can it be 1.4 million for november?

BMS842928d ago

those numbers are hilarious and false.. oh well i see one bubble..

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Sackdude2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )


Yes, FM3 sold 1 mill in 2 months while GT5 sold over 2.5 mill in just 4 days.
This really shows that 360 fanbase don't care that much about racing games, they only care about it because it is a 360 exclusive, online is empty in FM3, they hardly even play it.

etownone2928d ago

If that helps you sleep at night.

Just remember which is considered the better racer according to metacritic.


NothingToGainButLove2928d ago

According to metacritic... lmaooo

Elit3Gamer2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

If that helps you sleep at night,

Just remember wich is considered the better
racer according to gamers.


MariaHelFutura2928d ago

Just remember what game ACTUAL race car drivers play.

Not fat kids w/ no money.

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Mystogan2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Uhhmm.. FM3 is empty online?

hehehe thats probably don't own an Xbox 360

Edit:Why do ppl keep saying 360 owners are shooter fans? because 2 of our major franchises are shooters?..

if we are Shooter fans like everybody says then why do Most Multi-platform NOT-Shooter games sell better on 360? explain that to me...seriously


Please give me a good reason instead of wasting your bubbles on pointless trolling.

MariaHelFutura2928d ago

Cause most multiplats ARE FPSs.


8thnightvolley2928d ago

explain y assassin creed::B doing well on 360 then

dkblackhawk502928d ago

wow nintendo everything? Whats next sonyeverything?

etownone2928d ago

This November has been PS3's worst Since it's debut .... whatever happen to the GT5 effect?

I thought this game would pull off Halo numbers in it's first week after all the smack I've been hearing all these years.

Spitfire_Riggz2928d ago

In America, in Japan and Europe its completely opposite. Here everyone wants to play call of duty.

Damiann2928d ago

In Europe Black Ops sold more copies on the PS3.

Lionhead2928d ago

Oh hey it's that guy who talks bad about the PS3 no matter what.

Didn't know your opinion suddenly mattered?

NothingToGainButLove2928d ago

GT5 is a game with legs... these games sell well in the long run. And its sales so far are nothing to be mocked either... over 3 million is quite an accomplishment

Clarence2928d ago

GT5 effect is still going on just not in America where the majority prefer to play FPS. GT5 will go on to sell more than Forza 3. I guess Turn 10 drop the ball.


Look at Forza 3 first week sales in America and through out the world. I guess 360 fans only love FPS not racing games.

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