IGN: Media Molecule Built LittleBigPlanet 2 with their Own Level Editor

One of the inherent tensions in video games is the distinction between art and toys. There are reasonable arguments for both sides depending on which games you choose to filter out, but it's fair to say that there are more players willing to take up arms for the cause of art than toys. LittleBigPlanet 2 doesn't disavow its status as an artistic expression but it embraces its nature as a toy, software utility, and open-ended tool to an extraordinary degree. With a month to go before its release Sony was in New York to show off the final build of the game in its full aspect.

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SMOK3xFFx2925d ago

3rd most anticipated game. H4H anyone?

jriquelme_paraguay2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

im going to platinate the first one.. just earned the Create trophy.. lol
this is one of my creations...

ReservoirDog3162925d ago

I swore to myself I'd get the LBP platinum without resorting to h4h. And I did it!

Really can't wait for LBP2.

On topic, didn't they do this for LBP 1 too? Probably with a bigger thermometer then we get though. Cause some of those levels in the singleplayer are really really sick.

Can't wait. Have the Collector's edition preordered already.

-Alpha2925d ago

Well obviously, they did the same with LBP 1

BiggCMan2925d ago

Exactly, just what I was gonna say. It's amazing that they have done that.

RememberThe3572925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

And with the delay they have even more time to make the game even better for you guys.

I couldn't get into LBP but I have to respect how much you guys seem to love the game.

JohnnyMann4202925d ago

Thats what I was going to say! Thats the whole reason they stand being CREATE, because they used the same tools.

Bloodraid2925d ago

Not exactly. They used a bunch of developer-only tools to create their levels in LBP1 (Such as music, for example).

In LBP2, they used only in-game tools that are available to the users to build their levels.

Bass_fisherman2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

No mean to disrepect Media Molecule but i want to see superior user levels than the originals they did for the game to really prove IGN´s point if you know what i mean.

Its up to you to prove it :)

Nitrowolf22925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

dude they did the exact same thing with LBP1
And when user finally got hands on the game some of them blew MM levels away.
LBP2 will be no difference, there will be stuff that MM didn't know were possible just like with LBP1

GoldPS32925d ago

LBP2 is gonna be so good. Can't wait to see more creative ideas people come up with.

49erguy2925d ago

More MM levels!!!!! I really hope that this is twice as long as the first. There are a lot of BAD community levels. Even the community lvls in the GOTY edition were nothing compared to the MM levels.

I also hope that down the line PS3 exclusive titles are made into lvls. I'd pay for that DLC. I hope for a killzone, god of war, uncharted, etc lvls (much like how they did Marvel MGS, and Pirates)

ReservoirDog3162925d ago

Yeah this was a thing I feel they didn't capitalize on like they should've on LBP1. The PotC and MGS4 dlc were really really good but I just wanted more.

They need to put out more levels for dlc and* all those costumes. I'd gladly pay for that. Especially since they only costed like $5.

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