Gaming WikiLeaks: Big Video Game Leaks

Are there any video game news tidbits in there? Something that would shake the pixels from the sky and make the industry flip its collective lid? There have already been a few, and we're pretty sure that Assange wasn't behind them. Or was he? We may never know for sure, but here are some of the biggest leaks to come out of the game pipe. Read them quickly before they shut down my Paypal account.

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nix2843d ago

nothing new to see.. move along!

Dark_Charizard2843d ago

WikiLeaks - The free encyclopedia for leaks!

mobijoker2843d ago

Missed the big one.Batman arkham asylum - the whole game was leaked around 10 days before release.

Baka-akaB2843d ago

"game wikileaks" ? For that to happens more than a few sporadic times , "journalists" wouldnt need to actively search for infos ... instead of waiting to be fed news by devs , while spamming opinion pieces