The Coolest Playstation 3 Bundle You Can't Buy

Now this is a bundle: Laser-etched Killzone 3 PlayStation 3. Move Controller. PlayStation Eye Camera. Nike Move sneakers. Nike Killzone combat boots. Sony showed it all to us at a PlayStation event in New York today.

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tacosRcool2775d ago

I would fight a hordes of Helghast to get my hands on this PS3 now!

xTruthx2775d ago

I seriously want that ps3......


but i thought sony blacklisted kotaku? and judging by the hate kotaku spread for years due to them being blacklisted why the hell are sony sending one of these to kotakus editor?

sony are dumb as hell at times,aaron greenburg would never greenlight such a dumb move.

Red_Orange_Juice2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

Sony didn't send it, Kotaku went to the Playstation event, read the f****** article or stfu

This is bad ass, Sony should sell those mother...

SpartanPrince2775d ago

i'd drop the nuke from kz2 to get this ps3

TheLastGuardian2775d ago

Those PS3's are gorgeous. The shoes are pretty cool too. Sony could sell so many Killzone 3 PS3 bundles if they sold those Killzone 3 PS3's for $300 withoug the shoes. Sony would sell so many Moves if they had a Bundle with a Move Controller, a PS Eye and Killzone 3.

fossilfern2774d ago

If Sony had to raise the price of that PS3 to make it cost effective I would pay the price

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Newtype2775d ago

Wow. A baseball PS3 fan MVP.

SKUD2775d ago

Cooler then my ORIGINAL 60GB with BC and finished in piano black with touch sensitive buttons?. I Fuuuuuk1n think NOT.

Arup022775d ago

This is my face when i saw this bundle

GoldPS32775d ago

It's a smart move to promote KZ3 with Nike but why not make more bundles like that for customers to buy. It's BS that the rich and famous get this stuff for free.

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The story is too old to be commented.