Sony responds to NPD data

Sony has responded to the latest NPD sales report.

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Sonyslave32900d ago

See ps3 fan### exclusive arn't the only thing that matter look sony is boasting about Multiplatform games.

Droid Smasha2900d ago

something something ten year plan


zootang2900d ago

Is the PS3 still $300 in the USA?

BryanBegins2900d ago


yes and looking at those numbers, I guess Sony will have to cut the price very soon. Even though I'm totally convincend NA is lost this gen for Sony, they can still compete a little bit better than that.

Headquarters112900d ago

360 fanboys play sales because thats all they can play. Where are the games? BWAHAHAHAHA

-Alpha2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )


Yet I'm sure if these numbers were impressive for Sony you'd be all over them, right?

If you aren't interested in sales discussions then don't click sales articles. Simple.

ceedubya92900d ago


According to NPD, it seems like 360 gamers are are buying and playing games.

ShinMaster2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

"- PS3 hardware sales continue to increase month over month (up 112%)
- PS3 had a 5% increase in year-to-date sales in November"

So not bad at all :)
Not surprised some of these people ^^ turned it into something negative.

Anon19742900d ago Show
Bathyj2900d ago

I think we're obviously all interested in sales numbers Alpha.

We just dont need children rubbing our faces in it because it extends their e-penises.

I just look out of curiousity, my life doesnt hinge on it.

zeeshan2900d ago

It was defenitely going to happen! M$ pushed Kinect like anything! It's hard to miss a Kinect Ad! It's allll over the TV while I don't see many PS3 ads. Believe it or not but I am yet to see a Gran Turismo ad! Sony's marketing is pathetic and word of mouth can only do so much. NA is a lost cause unless they reduce the price to $199 and I don't think that they are going to do that just yet.

Congrats to M$ for pulling a great holiday sales season! Even though, I can't stand Kinect because to me, it is still broken and doesn't do sh** but their marketing has done them wonders!!!

Christopher2900d ago

Same ole same ole. C'mon Sony, man up and say you're not focusing on NA as much as you can because you'd rather win out in Europe and Japan and leave Microsoft to dominate here.

The Lazy One2900d ago

darkride don't play the modesty card now. We all know if the PS3 sold better than the 360 you'd be in here doing the exact same thing just like you've done before.

Aquanox2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

Wow... I'd never thought Sony would ever be bragging about November selling better than October even when they were down 25% from last year. At this pace, that 5% of YOY advantage will fade when December ends. They will be left with virtually no facts to brag about.

This was a pathetic month for Sony, considering their "Most anticipated game of the generation", GT5 was positioned 8th below Need for Speed, a game that comes out every year.

Worst november ever for the Sony brand. They really need to reconsider their strategy or Kinect will sweep the floor with them, in America at least.

Thugbot1872900d ago

I guess at a growth of 112% month after month, would put PS3 as the best selling console in history. Some how the DS seems to sell more, I wonder how that can happen?

oohWii2900d ago

@Bathyj - Look in the mirror. Thank you.

gamingdroid2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

So where is the NPD numbers?

They usually are on the front page as one of the hottest stories, but I don't see shred of it on this site other than comments stating the numbers.

What is going on here? Are the numbers out or not?

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Sackdude2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

Ps3 fan### have like over 10 exclusive games comming next plus all the multi platforms and 360 fan### have only one exclusive game next year plus they pay to play online (derp).

so who's happy and who's Butt ####?

and btw isn't NPD only North America? Japan/Asia/Europe PS3 outsold the 360 for months.


ALFAxD_CENTAURO2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

You want this?

Option 1:

Killzone 3
Uncharted 3
Infamous 2
Gran Turismo 5
Final Fantasy Versus XIII
The Agency
Until Dawn
Resistance 3
MLB 2011 The Show
Little Big Planet 2
Socom 4
Motorstorm Apocalypse
The Last Guardian
Twisted Metal
White Knight Chronicles 2
Yakuza 4
Disgaea 4
Ar tonelico Qoga knell of ar ciel
Hyperdimension Neptunia
Heroes on the move
Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One
Record of Argarest War Zero
Team ICO Collection:
DC Universe Online
Final Fantasy XIV Online
Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath Remake in HD
Final Fantasy Remake Collection in HD
Metal Gear Solid Collection in HD
And a lot more to be announced..

Or, you want this?

Option 2

Sales charts with lack of exclusives?

Option 1 looks more reasonable for the gamer, don't you think?

Carlos_Irwin_Estevez2900d ago

Its not like people are going to tell their friends to buy kinect, you fish you get some idiots but they wont bite twice ppl will say its a piece of crap and thats that.

HeavenlySnipes2900d ago

People come here to laugh at Sony, pretending that the PS3 is a failure fine. I'll take my failure with me into 2011 and play Uncharted 3, Last Guardian, Killzone 3, Infamous etc.. while you guys play the numbers on those websites. X^D

Its amazing how fanboys pretend that the amount of money these huge companies make affect their gaming library or experience. I doubt Sony or MS or Nintendo will go out of business next year so I don't give a flying shit about these numbers.

solar2900d ago

blah blah blah. im a Sony fan, not a MS fan, but spinning is spinning. the most important market to a hardware dev like Sony, MS, and Nin is the US market. MS is still ahead of the curve no matter how many times you mates want to disagree. how? i have no clue. nothing on the 360 makes me want to buy one and nothing on the Ps3 (which ive owned since release) makes me want to go out and purchase the software too.

gaming is stale. since UC2 i havent felt the need to play my Ps3 :/

dragon822900d ago

I am pretty sure since Nentendo and Sony are both Japanese companies they both care more about Japan just like Microsoft cares more about the US. Yes they both care about sales in the US neither one would go out of business if they never sold a single unit here. If the 360 never sold a single unit here it would be a different situation.

Koolno2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

You are not a gamer, since uc2, we have seen tons of great games.

I did'nt bought any books since 6 months, but i'm not stupid like someone believing it's because not a single good book has come.

EDIT : i have a question, tell me how desperated are the xfanboyz to spin a positive news in a bad one ? it's incredible :)

IHateYouFanboys2900d ago

@dragon82: "I am pretty sure since Nentendo and Sony are both Japanese companies they both care more about Japan just like Microsoft cares more about the US."

incorrect. Nintendo and Sony know that North America and Europe are where console wars are won, not Japan. Japan has only sold ~5 million PS3s to date. Microsoft just sold 25% of that number of 360s in a SINGLE MONTH in the US.

Sony dont care about Japan more than the US, because Japan is a MUCH smaller market, and have very, lets say, "unique" taste in games. every year, and every generation, Japan gets more and more irrelevant in the gaming industry. one of the biggest complaints about GT5 resonates with their whole philosophy on game making in Japan - they dont move with the times. they pretend they live in their own little world and wont listen to any outside influences. just because it was good 10 years ago doesnt mean its good now. unless they seriously change how they work and think, the Japanese video game industry will basically only exist in japan in a console generation or 2. itll be western games for the entire world to enjoy, with japanese games left to the japanese.

on the topic, sony dont really have any way to sugar coat Novembers NPD numbers. they got their arse handed to them on a plate. a kinect shaped plate to be more precise. i bet theyre bracing themselves for Decembers numbers, as Kinect will probably go absolutely gangbusters for Christmas and leave them even further behind.

Koolno2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

Why fanboyz are acting like if microsoft have won something, or sony lost something, even when it's a good report ?

sony sell better worldwide, no matter what, since the ps3 launch.

showtimefolks2899d ago

thing USA is the world if MS sell 100k more than ps3 in the staes sony makes up for that in japan than gain 100k in europe

on n4g people always complain about sony fanboys yet all i see is MS fanboys trying to prove otherwise

gt5 came out for a week there was nothing but hate articles

Theoneneo812900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

Sonys got the best linup next year lets face still have GT5 Next The best version of ME 2 Little big Planet 2 DC Universe Uncharted 3 Killzone 3 Back to the Future MLB The Show 11 I can go one.

2900d ago
Dirk Benedict2900d ago

learn from one of the best in the open zone.

you bots almost always boast about multi-platform games. am i right people?

in the wake of the first/2nd and 3rd party exclusives that the PS3 has, the bots feebly attempt to counter that argument with that of the multi-platform games being better on their system.

very few multi-plats are better than the PlayStation 3 exclusives. it's already a given fact. we know it, you know it. only little johnny gamer does not and we're not him.

when you see Agent, sonyslave3. you are going to soil your knickers. get ready for an ego beatdown that will have you feeling surreal.

drink up.

Pollak2899d ago

For almost every Sony exclusive this year, I can find a better multi-platform game. Same goes MS exclusives.

Once again being exclusive doesn't make a game better.

Kaneda2900d ago

I am happy with PS3.... but I do want them to sell more.

otherZinc2899d ago

This guy makes sense to those that aren't business literate. To the average video game player, this makes sense.

However, this guy didn't say s***!

I agree w/Sonyslave3. He's touting multiplat games & MOVE a device that isn't selling games at all.

georgeenoob2899d ago


Where are the games you ask? If I recall, this year has a greater quantity in exclusives on 360 than PS3. Nice try, though.

showtimefolks2899d ago

as a ps3 fan i give you taht after first few month of great ps3 games the year was pretty dry

gow 3
yakuza 3
heavy rain
3d dot

after that the next thing i bought as exclusive wise was gt5

but 2011 looks to make up for that but overall it was a much betetr year for MS

Daoshai2899d ago


You've yet to see a GT ad? Man, Do you even watch TV? I don't watch much anymore.

showtimefolks2899d ago

alpha you are a xbox360 die hard fan what taht meaNS IS FROM INSIDE YOU ARE A FANBOY but you do make some sense in some articles


500k plus copies of gt5 sold in us but over 2 million WW see the difference SONY has a much bigger name brand outside the states

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saint_john_paul_ii2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

that PR speech just sounds like they're Dissapointed, and who wouldnt? yea, selling over 500k is a great, but compared to the competition, wow.

their advertising just sucks. thats whats killing them in the US.

Grenadan2900d ago

nothing wrong with sony advertisement over there

Bigpappy2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

It is not their advertising, it is the non appeal of Move to the casual crowd. No one could speak rationally to you guys if they are not singing praises to Sony. 360 is sell ing these numbers because of Kinect. PS3 sold 530K in US. 360 sold 1.4M in US. That is near 900K more than PS3. Next month could be even higher. Sony needs a casual plan for next year if they care about sales. Nintendo also needs to do something. Kinect is going to grow really fast because of the types of people buying it now (Women, Kids, Grandma's and Grandpa's). The crore is still there and will continue to support 360 as long as developers keep their games coming.

@below: Really? The Uk is selling quite a few. In fact I think I read some were that Europe bought about a million in the first month. If Wii fit and Just Dance sold so well in EU, I think the only thing scaring some in EU away would be space concerns. As they go by their friends homes and realize that it does not require as much as they thought, they will give in and get it. Casuals like to play too, but they are scared to death of buttons and blood.

XTerminator2900d ago

Kinect is only selling in US, in the rest of the wrold it's a flop buddy. Ya yanks must have buying junk in your blood haha

aceitman2900d ago

Now everyone has to realize that American sales are bought for Christmas presents once everyone opens and tries it it will be a big drop come January.
From people trying it and not liking it or there's not enough space it's all the advertising and it on ophrah show that's got it hyped .

-Alpha2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )


Christmas shopping is JUST getting started. And your logic applies to EVERYTHING. Sales go up at Christmas and then drop after. What's your point?

Your assumption that a mass amount of people are going to ignore it is nothing but wishful thinking. Many average audiences enjoy the Kinect

Koolno2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

Killing ? how delusional they are when npd good numbers are here :)

sony is selling very good in usa, and less, but almost the same than ms years after years in US (without the 1 year advantage), and better in others country.

edit alpha male is a moderate troll, but a real fanboy, no matter what he is trying to hide :)

"I wasn't talking about GT5's sales, just the hype that it would help push PS3 well past the 360.

I know NPD=/= world but it's still a significant market, and this is an NPD article. "


Nitrowolf22900d ago

I am gonna be honest
I'm a big Sony Supporter, but when i know MS has them beat at something i ain't afraid to admit or when something is attacking 360 and the claims are way off and it seems unfair at the time then i will defend for it.

But lets all be honest here

Sony has great advertisement (wait let me finish)
Okay there current commercial are amazing and everything, But for America this isn't working.

In a sense:

Sony is to America as Microsoft is to Japan

now it isn't that bad, but when it comes to advertisment MS has the upper hand

-Alpha2900d ago


Thank god you get it. People are simply damage controlling and it's terrible. People want to play the sales game and brag about this and that but then can't take it when they are wrong.

I don't see the big deal either. Yes, NPD numbers are not good this month. Get over it

Nitrowolf22900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )


well i like to think this website is filled with nothing but kids, or at least people who haven't really started college yet.

idk all i know is on this site it's either MS is winning or Sony is.

Outside it's different. My question is for everyone is wtf do we all hope to get out of the console war? Yeah games and such, but in the end who ever ends up winning, wtf is it going to mean? Both companies aren't going anywhere if one ends up losing this so called "war".

also, as i read this article a while ago and don't want to bother to recheck it right now, pretty much didn't all the companies report an increase from previous year? i mean to say that they are bad, only to have them report they have an increase from the previous year, yeah u get what i am saying. I know i read all your other comments too and understand the GT5 bits.

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-Alpha2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

No reason to be surprised, unless you were the ones hyping GT/Move as system sellers without considering all the factors.

The Kinect is simply a more accessible device and MS has got the marketing perfect

Entry level 360s are $199 at least compared to $299 for PS3.

Why Sony doesn't have a $99 or $199 PS3 is beyond me.

Kinect simply feels newer to audiences and the advertising budget is huge. Yes, EyeToy may have done some of these games but MS is backing Kinect a lot and this has gotten it a lot of exposure.

GT didn't help much at all and why would it when a majority of GT fans likely already have the PS3? Yet we had people hyping GT to actually PUSH PS3 PAST the 360. It's ridiculous.

As for the Move, it's a great device but doesn't do anything new for casual gamers. The hardcore likely support it but again, they already have the system.

I knew MS was confident with Kinect for a reason and it's plain to see that MS was aiming to tap into the casual market with a plainly casual device.

UP2900d ago

Thank you for saying all that. If you read any of the other NPD comments all you say was PS3 is doomed and they should give up.

silvacrest2900d ago

only about GT5 to the extent that it sells better everywhere else in the world except the US, just looking at NPD has never yielded true results and that still seems to be the case

as for kinect, yeah it successful, as was predicted but i still dont want one, if i were i core 360 fan things would be looking pretty bleak, exclusive wise

-Alpha2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

I wasn't talking about GT5's sales, just the hype that it would help push PS3 well past the 360.

I know NPD=/= world but it's still a significant market, and this is an NPD article. This isn't a topic about the software so I don't really care to discuss that.


Sorry, good point, but I'm thinking they can offer lower HDD sizes. They offer huge 120 GB as entry consoles but a 40 G can easily satisfy many people and can knock down the price a bit

Parapraxis2900d ago

"Why Sony doesn't have a $99 or $199 PS3 is beyond me. "

ShinMaster2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

- Because Blu-ray is more expensive than DVD drives.
A quick search tells you that DVD players sell for $30 and Blu-ray players for about $100.
I mean, they could release a 0GB $99 PS3 like M$ did at first.

Also, they don't charge you for online multiplayer.

I call a $199 PS3 next year.

"Yet we had people hyping GT to actually PUSH PS3 PAST the 360. It's ridiculous."
- Maybe you're right about GT fans having already bought a PS3. But GT5 hasn't even been out for a month yet, so how can you tell how much of an impact GT5 has on PS3 sales?

SpartanPrince2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

I never understood that-they could easily have a $200 50 gig ps3 but for somereason they didnt. Bundle that with a Move for $300 and they would be set. For the life of me i just cannot understand why they wouldnt

@Shin-but the price(as with anything) is dropping. Also, they wouldnt need to charge for online multiplayer since theyre already making a profit off of each system and the only diff between the diff models is the amount of gigs the ps3 has. Even if they did sell the ps3 at a small loss, they could make it back in the software that they would release from the huge ps3 2011 lineup

UP2900d ago

do some of you know that in past NPDs that the 360 has sold under 500 units before. Does that mean that microsoft should have given up Hell no.

Now the only reason people are saying that the ps3 is in trouble and should give up is because of the difference. say you are selling a game system your self and you are able to sell 5 million systems in one month but someone else sells 10 million. Just because someone else sold more then your 5 million does not freaking mean your 5 million is shit and you should give up and let the competition take over. The people saying that any of the big three should give up needs to STFU. Competition is good for everyone even the fanboys.

evilunklebud2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

I think the PS3 would have stronger sales if bluray had a future with longer legs...... most of my friends stream content now, bypassing the disc altogether. Although I still prefer having the PS3, I can see why the home theater aspect of the device has been blunted somewhat, making it seem more $$$ in the consumers eye, if in fact bluray is not important to the average Joe.

The giving up comments are just dumb.... we would have a $500 PS3 or a $400 360 today if not for them bashing each other all the time.... remember, these are BOTH cooperations. They answer first and foremost to the share holders. We are a distant second.


Why Sony doesn't have a $99 or $199 PS3 is beyond me....

Sony goes for quality over cheap crap. T

he xbox may be great but any 4gig console is useless.. I have a 320 gig right now and I only have 100 free space... Id rather spend an extra 100 bucks for a better product.

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kaveti66162900d ago

Kevin Butler advertising is pretty good and I see it often. there's that new ad with butler paired with a best buy guy. not bad.

I don't think this is a big deal. Like everyone says, NA is not the world and thus Sony is probably doing much better overall.

Nitrowolf22900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

wrong spot

Kaneda2900d ago

sad as a gamers that if Sony is planning to go with casual gamers. They should advertise more on casual games, but still making games for hardcore gamers.

gaming is changing I guess. casual is dominating gaming industry.

hate to see uncharted, GoW, and other great games gone...

Stupid Nintendo is starting this thing!

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theafroman2900d ago

im sorry Sony moves done nothing.

Kurisu2900d ago

But they said it's a "blockbuster success"?! Haha.

I have two Move controllers but I'm disappointed with the lack of supported software.

aceitman2900d ago

There's more move games then kinect get ur facts right before u comment

shadyiswin2899d ago

typical fanboy,lack of support doesn't equate to games more so the quality of the games anyone can throw out shovelware,its not really supporting the system just cashing in a quick check that will more likely hurt the system hint hint wii. Another thing,how many games does move have available just for move,not with move exclusive to move? how many games do u have that work with move? not coming soon I'm talking right as of this day? Kinect has about 20 about 18 exclusive to kinect itself the only 2 that aren't is ea sports active 2 and harry potter which in its own right is exclusive due to the fact it can't be played the same anywhere else,my point is the move has been out since mid sept. it should have much more support Kurisu is right but then again why would developers do all this work to develop anything for the move when they can make it on the wii faster quicker cheaper and with the a install base 2x as the ps3. That explains the lack of support. The move was a mistake that sony had to make.

xinFAMOUSx2900d ago

I wish they would have a price cut I really want a Ps3. I have a 360 and love it to death all my games are fun. However I would like a ps3 for all there exclusives. I just cant justify shelling out another $300.00 for a video game system.

Kurisu2900d ago

@aceitman: That may be so, but I'm still disappointed with the number of titles available. Or should I say, the number of titles available that interest me personally. Besides, I didn't even mention Kinect. This is a Sony topic, I had no need to.