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2010 has been a huge year for the industry with titles like Call of Duty: Black Ops, Castlevania: Lords of Shdow, and God of War 3 delighting gamers across the world. We’ve spent countless hours playing each of these titles and have come up with a list for our Game of the Year nominees. We’ve included polls so that you can include your input in the voting process. The winners will be revealed on December 17th. Hit the break to view our nominees.

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Reebo2927d ago

Good choices for nominees, glad to see Auditorium HD on there. Can't wait to see what wins.

InfectedDK2927d ago

I agree that it's good choices however Joe Danger is missing on the PSN list ;)

xyxzor2927d ago

I think we did a pretty good job of getting a fair list of nominees.

InfectedDK2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Hmm maybe CoD Black Ops should have been nominated for co-op also. I have had great times playing zombie and online co-op! :)

@xyxzor OK! That's cool and I agree with that part.
I think my oppinion is based on that the latest CoD game I had was Modern Warfare 1 so the co-op was great for me personally. but I see what your saying.

xyxzor2927d ago

We talked about that but eventually decided not to include that since it really wasn't much different from COD: WAW

Neko_Mega2927d ago

Why is Heavy Rain in the musical list? When thinking of the game I don't think music Vs good story/a hard game.

xyxzor2927d ago

There's a difference between best music game and best musical score. There wasn't really a whole lot to put into two different categories so we combined them. That's why it may look a tad strange to have DJ Hero 2 in there with Heavy Rain or Castlevania: LoS

Raines of Onyx2927d ago

Castlevania best original score hands down!

Troll-without-Bridge2927d ago

Red dead redemption should never been nominated for best graphics, specially on the ps3 where it was a terrible terrible port. Jaggies all over the place, sub-HD moving textures, blocky Rain effects, it was an ugly game.

xyxzor2927d ago

Regardless RDR is still one of the best looking games of the year. Despite some of it's shortcomings.

Troll-without-Bridge2927d ago

It doesn't deserve a place on that list, there were much, much better candidates which didn't hurt the eyes with so many jaggies and blurry textures.

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