Raptr giving away 250 Turbine Points to new players of D&D or LotR Online

World of Warcraft is still king of the MMO world and with the recent release of Cataclysm, it does not expect to disappoint. However, not every player wants to spend the money to pay for a subscription to World of Warcraft. What are some other good options if players are looking for a high quality, Free to Play MMO game? Raptr and Turbine have partnered up in attempt to gain a larger presence in the MMO market and are offering 250 Turbine points to new players. Will that sway over new players? Can D&D Online and LOTR Online captivate and engage new users from joining Cataclysm? We'll let the fanboys decide this one.

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ohdavey2925d ago

Wow nice! I just signed up