Dance Central tops Kinect's November software sales in US

Dance Central, Harmonix's full-body dance title for Kinect, cha-cha-chinged with sales in November. According to NPD, the game was #11 in overall sales for the month and the top-selling Kinect game as a SKU. Of course, by units, Kinect Adventures moved the most copies, as it was bundled with the peripheral, which sold over 2.5 million units globally in the month of November.

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Bigpappy2845d ago

color me surprised. I really thought Sports would be #1 for the frist month. Dance Central will have longer legs for sure. Women are bigger sheep than men. Word of mouth is their patent.

StanLee2844d ago

It was but it doesn't count since it was bundled with the peripheral. I really want to know who's buying Kinect.

ChristianGamer2844d ago

Adventures was bundled, not Sports. Off topic, doritos crash course, is it worth the free download...anybody?

SMOK3xFFx2844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )

@ Bigpappy

Colour me too, I would have thought families would be more lured towards something like Kinect Sports/Kinect Joyride.


ChristianGamer is right, it's Adventures that come bundled.
Also I am one of the Kinect/Dance Central Buyers.

Droid Smasha2844d ago

Kinect is stomping on the haters

can you breath?

2844d ago
Dlacy13g2844d ago

@Sega Kin and that's where your plan goes does work, and that's why its continuing to sell well.

baodeus2844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )


I think you haven't play the game.

I thought Dance central work the best out of all kinect games. It can litterally detects anything (you really have to dance, you cant cheat) I was quite surprise by it. At times, i wanted to suggest MS to let harmonix program for their kinect dash board. Selecting and using harmonix interface is just flawless. So smooth and really responsive. You can literally flick your finger (it is actually that responsive, very impressive).

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eagle212844d ago ShowReplies(1)
FLOWCity2844d ago

I want to buy DC...But I'll wait for the price to drop as I'm not a dancer.

R_aVe_N2844d ago

It is actually a really fun games if you like dancing. I got all kind of kicks out of watching my wife and her friends playing it. For some reason they would not play in thongs though... Sigh...

dtrain212844d ago

Worth buyin for a gamer or not

Tigan2844d ago

Looks like MS is now slowly cutting into wii's pie.

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