Yamauchi is embarrassed by AUTOArt logos – will be expunged

In Monday’s ION post I linked to a story on Kotaku that was based on a screenshot of the underside of a car from Gran Turismo 5. The screenshot (after the jump) showed the logo for AUTOArt on the bottom centre of the car’s undercarriage. AUTOArt is a company that makes highly detailed die-cast models of cars. They’ve also made a range of Gran Turismo collectable cars in the past.

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Dark-Cloud42925d ago

why he's embarrassed ?.. it's ok with me , i don't care ...

RememberThe3572925d ago

He's a perfectionist. I'm sure since it wasn't supposed to be that way it bothers him that it's there. I don't think anyone really minds though and it's not like it hurts the games credibility in any way.

HarryMonogenis2925d ago

I've already read this story 2 days ago on N4G:

Vesemir2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

He is a serious man. I would be embarassed as well.
I know what it represents. It shouldn't be there.

Maddens Raiders2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

I wonder how AUTOArt feels about this?"

- I wonder what else will be in that update Kaz???

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Derekvinyard132925d ago

Somebody in the art department just got fired

dirthurts2925d ago

That's what you get for being creative...

RedRedSuitSDF2925d ago

84 on metacritic.... Lot's more are "just getting fired" too. :D

NiiGhTx2924d ago

Lol. Midnight is controlled by a robot.

Xusuyzus2925d ago

Kotaku suck them ms balls baby!!

dirthurts2925d ago

Where did that come from?
I'm pretty sure MS wasn't mentioned anywhere in the article and any relationship to this article is certainly a leap in logic...

FAGOL2925d ago

Ahh I see you have met Xusuyzus. He is from the Fanboy species. A common creature found on N4G. He is a special Fanboy because he does not only have one but TWO BUBBLES! These rodents are a disgrace to the community and should be bitch slapped on sight.

FAGOL2925d ago

Well AUTOArt does'nt have the right to advertise their logos on GT5 without permission. The same would apply to any other company. I think for business/legal reasons it has to be removed. I don't know why he chose the word embarressed though.

Dac2u2925d ago

I agree with you, there are far too many companies involved with their own trademarks. I'm guessing none of them were asked if it would be ok to have the artist's "signature" on cars they own the rights to. AUTOArt really should have gotten permission before adding their signature to their cars. I think rather than trying to get permission from every car company, Polyphony just decided to take it out, rather than take the risk of pissing them off.

The term embarrassed was probably a problem with the translation, that'd be my guess.

ambientFLIER2924d ago

He's probably embarrassed because that means they simply scanned the undercarriages of 1:18 scale models to produce them in the game.

poopface12924d ago

because they might have scanned the bottom of the models and used it as the textures on the undersides of some of the cars. They were supposed to take the logos out and didnt. It detracts from the realism that they had in the rest of the game, and hes a perfectionist.

edit-- what ambient filter said^^^^

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The story is too old to be commented.