GT5 Birthday Exploit: Hundreds of Free Cars

Gran Turismo 5 includes Over 1,000 cars, it features 26 different locations and 71 different tracks, Night racing also returns. GT5 Birthday Exploit also was named Birthday glitch by players. here is a complete Gran Turismo 5 birthday Exploit guide to show players how to efficiently use Birthday Exploit in GT 5.

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Danteh2842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

Dude I know you want traffic and us clicking on the ads, but everytime I see an article like this with such a massive keyword spamming I cringe...

To have a good SEO you should make a more consistent article, less keywod stuffing (I've seen Birthday Exploit like 7 times in 8 lines) and not be so desperate of hits, google will probably treat this article as spam

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LiquifiedArt2843d ago

WHy spread this?

And if you enough of a dork to make multiple accounts just for the sake of a b-day gift...get alife. Your basically taking the entire fun of "collecting" out of ht egame.

tacosRcool2843d ago

You can just do the super car race under the professional series of races and get a super fast car. The race itself is under 3 minutes and you get to bag 17,500 credits a win

monkeyfox2843d ago

I find doing the professional series "London - British lightweights cup" gives you 24,000 a time and takes 3 minutes also (in a TVR 6 speed)

stevenhiggster2843d ago

Screw that, do the American Series in extreme, 98k in under 4 minutes! All you need is a well tuned Z06, simples.

zeksta2842d ago

Exactly! I presume this dude is a Xbot, for two Reasons.

1. He's posted this and put in the Xbox 360 tag when he obviously know's this isn't on Xbox 360.

2. I'll bet he's posted before, trolling GT5 articles and saying how shit the game is and agreein' with reviews.

jjohan352842d ago

Come over to GTplanet where I hang mostly in the tuning forum. ;-)

ambientFLIER2842d ago

Or maybe he got the tags screwed up? ZOMG CONSPIRACY !!!

DigitalAnalog2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

I forsee another future patch coming to stop this madness. Besides, the whole point of this B-day is to give the user a wonderful surprise. The only games I remember doing this is back on the Sega Saturn days. And MGS2.

-End of Line

stevenhiggster2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

All they need to do is patch it so that any car you win as a birthday gift can't be gifted to friends. There are already some cars which can't be gifted already so it wouldn't be too hard for them.

MaximusPrime2843d ago

serious racers will ignore this and concentrate on the game itself.

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The story is too old to be commented.