Rumor: Mass Effect 3 to Be Revealed at the VGAs, Will Include Multiplayer

Joystiq has learned from a trusted source that BioWare's enigmatic teaser from last month represents the first glimpse of Mass Effect 3. As many have guessed, the third installment looks to feature something brand new to the series: multiplayer.

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NYC_Gamer2928d ago

i really hate this every game needs mp trend

himdeel2928d ago

I've never played a ME game but from my pals that have play I this game it doesn't seem like it needs a maybe but not mp.

Oh long as the sp experience never goes away I can rest easy.

goflyakite2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Who knows, co-op is still considered multi player though.

HolyOrangeCows2928d ago

"Will Include Multiplayer"

Oh for the love uh- Please be co-op, then.

lastdual2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Imagine how much you could screw with your friends if they did co-op NPC conversations with those timed events...

NPC: "Forget it Shepard, you'll never get the information from me!"

Shepard: "But your mother told me to give you this momento-"

CRASH! *NPC thrown out of window by player 2*

Player 2 Squadmate: "Yeah! That'll teach you to mess with dead Spectres!"

Shepard: "WTF man!"

joydestroy2927d ago

co-op would be awesome. that's all the multi-player i think the game needs. online co-op please.

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TheBossMan2928d ago

If done right, this could be impressive. If done wrong, they might as well have just not included it and spent more time polishing the single player experience. I'm not going to discount it without seeing it in action first, however. Some complained about Uncharted getting MP, look how that turned out...

VersusEM2928d ago

Uncharted 2 did a good job

TheBossMan2927d ago

That IS what I implied there, haha. Apparently 2 people think Uncharted's MP was bad.

jrbeerman112927d ago

More importantly than uncharted 2 multi being good, was that the single player not only did not suffer, it far surpassed its predecessor

L4DRocks2928d ago

Why it adds more value and replayability to a game why would you hate that.

As long as they take equal care to both the SP and MP then I don't mind. Plus I trust Bioware I'm sure if MP didn't work they wouldn't add it so it must be good.

SaberEdge2928d ago

I hope Mass Effect 3 will be revealed, but I am not so sure whether I like the idea of multiplayer. Big RPGs like Mass Effect don't really need multiplayer at all. On the other hand, I thought Uncharted didn't 'need' multiplayer, but Uncharted 2 turned out to be my favorite multiplayer game of all time, so who knows. We'll just have to wait and see.

spunnups2928d ago

Coop is the only multi that's ok with me. Otherwise, it's a typical add-on that NORMALLY sucks.

poopface12928d ago

Every second that they spend on multiplayer, is a second taken from the actual game.

Im not too happy that BW is going to bastardize ME in its third and final chapter.

This game doesnt need multiplayer of any kind. Even Co-op is stupid for ME games. Whatever, devs make stupid decisions all the time so this is not surprising.

I just wish devs wouldnt be such pussies when it comes to SP only games. People who would want MP in ME probably would never play the game anyways. Geez, what a letdown.

now I can expect the ME3 DLC to be new maps, YAY. maybe Ill just rent ME3 if they want to spend even a fraction of their time working on multiplayer instead of making the final chapter in the trilogy the best that it can be.

Honestly, I think a multiplayer using the mechanics from ME2 would suck major balls, and would not help them sell any copies at all. Ask 2K, multiplayer didnt help the sales or reception of bioshock 2, it hurt them. I bet BSI has no multiplayer.

The_Nameless_One2928d ago

Most of the times it's pressure brought on by the publishers as a result of gamers complaining that they need MP to justify a $60 investment. The blame falls squarely on the us the gamers. Blame the dim witted ones that think they need MP in every freaking game.

poopface12927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

I hate it because the people that want multiplayer in all the games, DONT PLAY THIS TYPE OF GAME ANYWAYS.

Like they thought the cod crowd would be more likely to buy BS2 if it had multiplayer, but most of those people wouldnt even play a story driven SP FPS ever regardless of multiplayer.

I just hope this is not true, and that ME3 has no multiplayer at all. A spinoff multiplayer game fine, but not ME3 I hope.

For example- All my real life friends love multiplayer like halo, cs, or especially COD, but none of them EVER play SP games like Bioshock, Fallout, or mass effect. Adding multiplayer to any of those games will not make them suddeny go buy them like these publishers think they will. They just never play these types of games, and would hate the multiplayer because they dont play these types of games.

jrbeerman112927d ago

unless they expand and hire a different team to build the multi for them. I think thats what naughty dog did, thats why the single player did not suffer.

SJPFTW2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

if im paying $60+ for a game, i expect tons of replay value. Multiplayer adds replay value as long as its not rushed and tacked on. And im talking about both Co-Op and competitive multiplayer. Im interested on what Bioware has got in mind for an MP mode.

The_Nameless_One2928d ago

You're a part of the problem. MP does not add value.

DigitalRaptor2927d ago

Games were also $60 back in the PS2 days and people found fun and replayability in rich single player-only games.

I'm all for more content, but that value is something that is perceived differently by everyone.

However, I disagree that MP content takes away from the SP. Most developers who don't think they can handle both projects are assigned to only the SP, and another team is put on the task of MP.

SJPFTW2927d ago

@ The_Nameless_One

part of the problem? all single player experiences come to an end eventually. Enjoying the experiences with other people especially with your friends adds a ton of fun and replayability. Besides real human players give me more of a challenge and randomness no AI can ever emulate.Of course if you dont have friends to play with i understand. LOL

hudsoniscool2927d ago

the nameless one

i love mass effect series and i dont want to see multiplayer in it either, but saying MP doesnt add value is stupid. look at halo good single player but im only going to beat that 3 or 4 times while im going to put 100's or hours in online.

madjedi2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

@sjp So you want challenge and randomness from human players, in a rpg -_-, this about single player rpgs only, not shooters or any other types of games were competitive multiplayer is useful.

And you wonder why he said your part of the problem, again topic rpgs all about the story, not shooters or other mp experiences, wow.

SJPFTW2927d ago

@ madjedi

so multiplayer in games like Diablo and World of Warcraft to name a few took away from how fun they are? please i wasn't born yesterday. multiplayer in RPG's have been done before and worked. You must be retarded to think that multiplayer = run and gun frag fest. RPG's are all about exploration. Exploration with others is just the next level

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showtimefolks2928d ago

i agree some games are better without MP why include MP if 2 months after release no one online


sorry about the caps

ButterBomb2927d ago

Yup, agree. This game does not need it but I guess Co-Op would be cool.

Hate this trend and if the SP suffers in the slightest people will be unhappy. Just like Bioshock 2 and Dead Rising 2, great SP only critically acclaimed games. Then their sequels come out with forced in MP and the whole game suffers.

Co-op would be good but I don't see how they are going to do that. Is everyone going to be a Shepard??

This news moves it from a day one purchase to rental until I hear more.

Bnet3432927d ago

Agreed 100%. Why add multiplayer to this already epic series? Just focus on SP BioWare come on ...

Bull5hifT2927d ago

I dont think its a full fledged game , just a spin off like assasins creed brotherhood, and gta ballad of gay tony or fallout new vegas, or world at war.... Just a sample of something differnt with the already built engine , gran turismo HD... To keep us excited for the next big thing ..... GTA 5, a great ending Assasins creed that ties up the story, a nice(better) looking bug free Fallout, COD black ops 2, , ... Etc

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xyxzor2928d ago

I won't care as long as someone else is contracted to work on the multiplayer, however if they use assets from Bioware I'm going to have a huge issue with it.

jrbeerman112927d ago

I am going to trust Bioware on this, they have done nothing but release greatness. not sure about their multi expertise however.

This is something that most games are turning towards because multi player games sell so much better. Bioware has done such a great job adding replay value, however multiplayer games get all the sales.

Blame COD for this trend because the industry sees incredible sales despite releasing an unpolished glitchy game.


I cant wait to play this on my ps3

JohnApocalypse2928d ago

ME2 doesn't need multiplayer. The 2nd game was worth £40 without it