X-Men Arcade release date update and pricing confirmed

PS3Attitude: It appears that X-Men Arcade is coming out sooner than we thought on the PlayStation Network. At least that's according to our contact from Konami who conveniently announced the game's price as well.

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OGharryjoysticks2930d ago

Would make sense. Sony is tight with Konami and Disney.

Dragun6192930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

If this is true, Then Awesome, 6 player local co-op and for only $10. Just in time for the holidays.
I was wondering why they would have X-Men arcade as a Xbox 360 time exclusive.

Action game like Scott Pilgrim and TMNT.

darthv722930d ago

is this the fighting game (street fighter type) or the action game (tmnt type)?

There are quite a few good 4 player action games that should come out.

@budget...Simpsons rocked! How about the avengers or that one spiderman game sega made in arcades years ago.

thebudgetgamer2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

this is great because i always figured that i would have to buy the cabinet itself.

also i would like to see that one superman arcade game on consoles.

this one:

JoySticksFTW2930d ago

Man, I used to rock this in the arcade as a little kid

Can't wait

Red_Orange_Juice2930d ago

I expected it to look a little better, Im kind of disappoint with this one

Myst2930d ago

Damn having a hard time loading that one page for some reason. Tried going through google and still having problems loading it. Can anyone post the information please? :/


Eurogamer manages to look like a bunch of clueless biased "twats" (I think this is appropriate) once again. Not only is there NO EXCLUSIVITY on this, but PSN gets it first lol.

Solbadguy2930d ago

Getting it for PSN for 6 player local co-op.

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